CEDIA EXPO Equips You With the Tools Needed to Keep Your Business Thriving

CEDIA EXPO provides a forum for you to explore new avenues.
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CEDIA EXPO Equips You With the Tools Needed to Keep Your Business Thriving

Jun 7, 2011 3:55 PM

CEDIA EXPO provides a forum for you to explore new avenues.

Keeping your business competitive and successful hinges on your ability to adapt to the industry’s ever-changing environment. CEDIA EXPO provides a forum for you to explore new avenues, whether that means learning about the latest technologies entering the market or preparing your business to expand into new verticals. Check out some of the CEDIA EXPO offerings that can help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Fundamental Courses to Help You Break Into that New Vertical

ESD 131 – Fundamentals of Home Theater Design – This course is the starting point for all other training in home theater systems design. Get started by learning about the basic components of a home theater system, and gain insight on surround sound fundamentals and other considerations required in home theater design.

ESD 211 – Fundamentals of Distributed Audio Systems – Get a comprehensive introduction to multi-room audio, from its beginning to today’s high-tech digital and “no new wires” systems. Review the basics you may already know and explore control options, system performance and room acoustics.

ESD 056 – Fundamentals of Game System Integration – Game systems continue to be very popular in residential installations, and as the technologies change, it is imperative that integrators stay current with what is available and understand the design implications involved. This class brings these updates to you in a way you can really use – including what’s new and what to watch and plan for in the near future.

EST 262 – Fundamentals of Control Systems – Enhance your skills with a solid introduction to the control of electronic components and subsystems in the home. Receive instruction on the concepts and equipment necessary to program and integrate a single room control system.

The Future Technology Pavilion

Last year CEDIA unveiled The Future Technology Pavilion on the tradeshow floor. The 2011 pavilion will simulate a future home environment, with rooms focused on technologies for the kitchen, bath, bedroom, game room and garage. Products on display in this year’s pavilion include smart appliances, wireless power for cooking and charging, and immersive gaming. The Future Technology Pavilion provides you insight on what you need to learn now to be profitable later. Make sure your schedule includes a visit to this year’s pavilion.

Free CEDIA Education Panels

Old School vs. New School – Networking vs. multi-room audio, control at the micro or macro levels… just where is this industry going? Join Frank White of StayTuned and Ian Bryant of Advanced Coding Concepts as they face off to find out who rules, Old School or New School. Many of the good-old-day and youngblood practices, vision and outlook will be challenged. This is a business course that could change the way you do business and the way you look at your business model.

CEDIA EXPO Half-Time Show - CEDIA has combined the popular Michael Heiss/Rich Green Pre-Game and Post-Game Show into a single Half-Time Show. We’ll give you the highlights of what is new on the show floor while you still have time to check them out for yourself. Like any good sporting event, we will have audience participation, so bring your own finds from the EXPO floor and share them with your peers. This all-new format will let you make the most of your CEDIA EXPO experience by helping make sure you don’t miss a thing.




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