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Case Study: ROOM

There’s a new player competing in the modern workspace. The startup ROOM comes out of the entrepreneurial/VC space serving Fortune 500 clients including Nike, JP Morgan, Google and Salesforce. ROOM has just announced a product portfolio with a suite of new booth-style modular architectural solutions. The Meeting Room, Open Meeting Room, and Focus Room are purpose-built for focused work or collaboration, both in-person and virtual.

In the wake of COVID, companies are searching for ways to bring workers back to the office safely while ensuring that their investments last beyond the pandemic. ROOM’s modern take on the cubicle is that a modular solution is more affordable than traditional construction and can be positioned in various places throughout the office, or to an entirely new location as company and employee needs change.

To accommodate the new hybrid way of work and support remote collaboration, the Meeting Room and Open Meeting Room feature an integrated Jabra PanaCast 180-degree video conferencing camera, which allows a full view of the space without distortion or delay. PanaCast was designed to replicate the natural dynamics of face-to-face conversation; ROOM’s prefabricated solutions allow any company to add a space-efficient, ready-to-use, videoconference room to their workplace.

ROOM is also announcing Room Sense, its proprietary client portal that provides companies with real-time data about space utilization and density, allowing for efficient use of space and for planning office reentry phases in a safe and strategic way

The Meeting Room and Open Meeting Room are available in a Pro model – which comes equipped with the Jabra PanaCast – as well as a Standard model, featuring a fully equipped whiteboard. Additional features and enhancements include acoustically insulated walls made from recycled PET and engineered to reduce noise by 28dB. Silent fans in the roof and air inlets behind the sofas keep the air inside fresh at all times; ROOM claims all air inside is replenished every 60 seconds, 5x that of a traditional conference room. Responsive lighting settings are designed for focused work, presentations, or meetings; motion sensors automatically turn on and off the LED lights and ventilation fans. There is a a custom rail included for accessories like coat hooks and shelves, and a built-in powerbox to hold cables in place for a clutter free workspace; wireless charging ensuring devices stay charged.

ROOM ships all products flat-packed directly to businesses. The Meeting Room is priced at $15,995 for the Standard model and $17,995 for the Pro model, while the Open Meeting Room costs $13,995 for th Standard model and $15,995 for the Pro model.

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