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Danley Introduces the J3-94 – The Newest of the Jericho Horn Family

GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA: Tom Danley and his team have engineered the newest member of its massive Jericho Horn Series – the J3-94 Jericho Horn. Designed for the demanding requirements of stadiums and concert venues, where high impact, high fidelity, and high SPLs are all needed, the Danley J3-94 delivers 142dB of continuous output using eighteen drivers that combine using Danley’s patented technologies to produce a single phase-coherent signal with “home hi-fi quality” intelligibility and musical impact. Like the original J1-94, the J3-94 produces a 90deg horizontal by 40deg vertical beam width (with Danley’s characteristically steep drop-off outside that beam). However, the new J3-94 is nearly half the J1-94’s weight, with slightly less bass output as the compromise.

“The new Danley J3-94 Jericho Horn can be used in every circumstance where line arrays could be used, but with vastly better fidelity and pattern control and at a vastly lower cost,” said Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs. “We recently fired up a single J3-94 at an Atlanta Falcons “Friday Night Lights” event – where the team plays a scrimmage at a high school venue, and it produced crystal clear intelligibility 600 feet away. We paired it with two Danley BC-218 subwoofers. Check out the video on our Facebook page – it’s astounding!”

The J3-94 is a tri-amped cabinet that uses four amp channels: two for the lows, one for the mids, and one for the highs. There are eighteen drivers in the horn: six 15-inch woofers, eight 6.5-inch mids, and four 1.4-inch highs with built-in overload protection. It can be easily flown by many different standard lifts or towers and comes standard with 3/8” fly points on top and bottom and L track on the sides.

Danley Sound Labs is the exclusive home of Tom Danley, one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry today and recognized worldwide as a pioneer for “outside the box” thinking in professional audio technology.

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