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Case Study: Rock Bar, FL

For those wanting to pick up the energy and turn up the volume, the place to be when in Fort Lauderdale, FL is oceanfront at the Rock Bar. The venue recently underwent an extensive facility upgrade and is now equipped with a sound system that uses E11EVEN Sound loudspeakers and power amplification by DAS Audio.

Unify Productions of Deerfield Beach, FL, an A/V integration company and consulting firm, worked closely with Willy-Tech Services and DAS Audio to develop the high-energy sound reinforcement for a club that hosts EDM, House, and Mainstream formats through Top 40.

In Rock Bar’s main room, which functions as the primary dance space, the new sound system is comprised of sixteen E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio ES-158 3-way passive point source loudspeakers. For low-frequency reinforcement, they are augmented by eight ES-221 passive subwoofers.

For the venue’s main bar area, Fiorito specified four E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio ES-10 2-Way point source loudspeakers. These are accompanied by two ESBR-218 passive subwoofers. In the nearby equipment rack, power amplification and signal processing consist of two DAS Audio EP-2K4, two EP-6K4, four EP-10K4, four EP-14K2, and two EP-22K4 power amps, for a total power output of over 120,000 Watts. Signal processing for the system includes a BSS Audio BLU-100 signal processor and a BLU-BOB Break-Out Box output expander.

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