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Installation Notebook: American Dream Meadowlands

SNA Displays was selected as the primary LED display provider for the long-delayed American Dream Meadowlands, the biggest mall in the United States and one of the largest indoor/outdoor retail and entertainment venues in the world.

Behind the scenes was a team effort.

SNA Displays supplied more than 36,000 square feet of digital signage throughout the American Dream campus and continues to roll out indoor and outdoor LED displays as further development continues. Throughout the development, SNA Displays is manufacturing 41 dynamic LED displays, including one at the Nickelodeon Universe® theme park and multiple large-format exterior displays visible to the heavy traffic on I-95, Route 120, and Route 3. Additionally, American Dream is splashed with dozens of LCD kiosks provided by SNA Displays. The digital signage network is managed by the Client Service Group (CSG), a team of service and technical experts at SNA Displays.

SNA Displays designed, excavated, formed, and placed rebar for several LED sign foundations. The subsurface conditions were challenging because of highly compressible soil, fill material, and water. We then had to coordinate with the support structure design to meet deflection criteria.

SNA Displays was involved in the installation of over 80 wayfinding and advertising touch-screen kiosks made specifically for American Dream.

For many of the interior bulkheads at American Dream, SNA Displays removed drywall to expose the plywood and cut out sections for ventilation before installing the LED cabinets.

SNA Displays used a combination of crane trucks and lifts to install the exterior displays.

The theme park entrance at American Dream has a curved LED display – the “Slime Tower”– that serves as an artistic backdrop to static signage wrapped around the front of it (the “Nickelodeon Universe”). This signage required a support at the very center of the LED display for two reasons: 1) To minimize the cantilever loading that the static sign would exert on the side cantilevered support beams, and 2) To diminish sagging on the signage due to its own weight, eliminating any chance of buckling over time.

To install this support, SNA Displays worked with Diversified to cut a hole in a cabinet at the center of the screen, relocating power supplies and scan cards as necessary. Furthermore, this display was supported by curved hollow structural section (HSS) tubes, bent exactly to the radii specified in our display design.

The existing static billboards required additional power to transform them into dynamic LED displays. This required trenching between the parking lot and street to bring in new power and transformers to to accommodate the power needs.


Located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, American Dream features numerous attractions including more than 500 retail stores and restaurants, an ice-skating rink, DreamWorks Water Park, a large movie theater, Big SNOW America—first indoor ski slope in the U.S., an indoor climbing center, SEA LIFE® Aquarium, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and a Nickelodeon Universe® theme park.

The massive site is spread out over three million square feet. Genslerwas the lead design architect for the property development.


SNA Displays has supplied more than 36,000 square feet of LED display technology throughout the American Dream campus.

The huge retail and entertainment project features 41 dynamic LED displays manufactured by SNA Displays throughout the property, including one at the Nickelodeon Universe theme park and another in the family entertainment center KidZania.

Additionally, American Dream is splashed with dozens of LCD kiosks, also provided by SNA Displays, spread throughout the property. All kiosks and LED displays are managed by SNA Displays’ Client Service Group (CSG) division, a team of service and technical experts. This includes 24/7 proactive monitoring, content scheduling, network operations control, and warranty services.


The largest LED screen at American Dream will be an exterior LED mega-spectacular display on the exterior of Nickelodeon Universe, featuring more than 10 million pixels. The exterior LED displays vary in pixel pitch from 6.67 mm to 16 mm and include multiple large-format exterior displays visible to the heavy traffic on I-95, Route 120, and Route 3.

Some of the premier outdoor LED displays on the campus include a ground-level 6.67 mm pixel pitch screen and a 12 mm corner wrap sign facing heavy traffic near the intersection of Route 3 and Route 120.

The massive ground-level screen, known as the Grand Staircase because of the steps that cut through its two sections, is approximately 12 feet tall by 107 feet long, or approximately the size of two and a half highway billboards end to end. It includes 2.7 million pixels.

The 90-degree corner wrap display is near the mall entrance that leads to Big Snow, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and the Lego Land Discovery Center. The west facing side of the display on Route 120 faces MetLife Stadium while the south face of the display overlooks Route 3. It is approximately 24 feet high by 165 feet wide (600 x 4,200 pixels) for a total of 4,200 square feet and 2.5 million pixels.


Infuse Digital, an integral partner in financing American Dream’s state-of-the-art digital media network, is responsible for the development and deployment of advertising and sponsorship opportunities campus-wide.


Diversified has run several aspects of the American Dream project, including one of the venue’s most notable LED displays, the flagship digital in the Nickelodeon Universe® theme park. This is a curved LED column that welcomes visitors to the indoor park. Standing 26’7” high, the display features a 4 mm pixel pitch and more than 3.2 million pixels.

Diversified and SNA Displays are also teaming up to provide two large-format displays for the DreamWorks Water Park.


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