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LifeStream.TV Recommends Osprey Video Equipment for Its House-of-Worship Clients’ In-House Video Capture and Production

DALLAS — Dec. 4, 2017 —

 Osprey Video announced today that the media-streaming company LifeStream.TV has been using Osprey Video gear for its clients’ on-site video-capture hardware and workflows. With a clientele of mostly houses of worship and schools, LifeStream.TV is not just a media-streaming platform, but is are also responsible for planning and supporting the internal video operations that feed the company’s media-streaming service.

“As a Christian-owned-and-operated company, we’ve made it our mission to help ministries and other nonprofits make use of digital media to reach people beyond the walls of the organization, which means making sure they have the right tools for the job. Osprey Video has been part of the toolset since LifeStream.TV began more than 10 years ago,” said Michael P. Upshaw, president of LifeStream.TV. “We make a point of knowing what’s out there in the market and what types of equipment companies are using, and we’ve never wanted to recommend anything but Osprey Video for our clients. Osprey gives them all the reliability, scalability, and ease of use they need for a foolproof, continuous streaming operation.”

In addition to cloud hosting, digital media content, messaging, and branding services for houses of worship and other nonprofits, LifeStream.TV helps those organizations design their entire live video production infrastructure, offers virtual support, and supplies virtual, on-demand live video delivery services. LifeStream.TV’s role is to help clients implement the right tools in their media suites to make sure that they can capture the content and then deliver it to the end viewer.

As part of that role, LifeStream.TV recommends that clients install different combinations of Osprey Video base systems, capture cards, Talon hardware streaming encoders, and USB Video Bridge units, depending on the use case. With Osprey’s gear, LifeStream.TV can set up customized machines for its users and then manage the process remotely based on its working knowledge of the Osprey brand and product. For example, in an environment that only needs a small streaming device, LifeStream.TV may recommend a Talon unit, but in other cases — such as for mobile streaming — they may build a specific machine with multiple capture cards to accommodate multiple inputs or handle encoding and decoding from one location to another.

In the case of base systems, LifeStream.TV works with a client to figure out its video-streaming needs and then designs an Osprey Video base system specifically for that client. When the client receives the solution, it is already configured to do exactly what it needs to do and is certain to interface with LifeStream.TV’s on-demand virtual video-delivery infrastructure. Considering that many nonprofit organizations lack in-house video-streaming expertise or rely on volunteers to run their video-streaming operations, the fact that Osprey Video gear is preconfigured and ready to use is a benefit in terms of setup time savings and ease of use.

“Osprey’s base system is the one solution that we can get, send to a client, and have everything ready to go. All the client has to do is plug it in. There’s not much they have to think about. It’s the same with the Talon,” Upshaw said. “We work with our clients to install Osprey equipment because we know they’re getting quality products at a good price that will serve them for years to come.”

Osprey Video equipment meets LifeStream.TV’s main requirements for long-term reliability and scalability with quality output. From experience, LifeStream.TV knows that the gear is built to last and can scale to accommodate any required resolution well into the future without having to upgrade. Furthermore, Osprey Video offers high-performance, broadcast-grade equipment to suit just about any client’s environment, budget, and level of expertise.

“LiveStream.TV is rare in its aim to help churches and other ministries take advantage of the power of video streaming when they might not otherwise have been able to do so, and we’re glad to be a part of it,” said Scott Whitcomb, business development manager at Osprey Video. “Osprey Video has a solid, long-standing reputation in the house-of-worship space, which we’ve honed by listening carefully to customers and continuing to address issues that we encounter in the field. That’s how we can offer turnkey solutions for any budget, workflow, or size of customer site.”

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About Osprey Video

Osprey Video’s premium video-capture technology has long driven mission-critical video delivery in industries ranging from broadcast, internet TV, and surveillance, to enterprise, government, and aerospace. Now the technology in its flagship capture cards and drivers is the foundation for its end-to-end line of live-streaming and encoding products, which allow customers to satisfy increasingly higher expectations for online video in all environments, including more traditional A/V environments such as education, corporate communications, and houses of worship. The company is continually expanding its product portfolio to meet customer demand for high-quality, reliable tools in ever-evolving video applications — from video over IP to closed captioning, mobile streaming to 4K capture and distribution … and beyond. More information is available at


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 LifeStream.TV uses Osprey Video gear for their clients’ on-site video-capture hardware and workflows.

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