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Engineer makes world’s first USB-C iPhone

Apple wouldn't, so he did

In a recent video on YouTube (via Apple Insider), engineering student Ken Pillonel shared how he was able to add a working USB-C port to a modern iPhone—an iPhone X, in this case, that can both charge and transfer data.

In a great blog about his USB-C iPhone project, Pillonel said one of the hardest parts was figuring out how to use Apple’s proprietary C94 connector, which is the circuit Apple sells to third-party accessory makers for use in Lighting cables and connectors. He was able to solder the C94 connector to a conversion board and then attach a USB-C port on the end.

Pillonel said the other major hurdle was getting all the new components to fit inside the iPhone’s chassis, so he had to go back to re-engineer the C94 connector’s circuit board.

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