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FBI issues official alert on counterfeit batteries

The FBI cites global supply chain issues and continuing need for new batteries as contributing to the growing number of counterfeits

As global obstacles continue to affect the global supply chain and the economy ebbs, consumers are more often turning third party manufacturers or deals that seem too good to be true. Predictably, fraudsters and counterfeiters are taking advantage of this trend, and the consequences can be dire if the products in question are batteries. In response, the FBI, in partnership with the Intellectual Property Rights Center, has released an alert warning consumers about the dangers of counterfeit batteries.

Citing the global supply chain as well as the public’s continuing need for new batteries, the alert warns the masses that counterfeit batteries do not go through the same standardized testing as original equipment manufacturers. As such, not only can counterfeits results in poor performance or complete product failure, they can also result in fires, property damage, and personal injury. The alert goes on to list several tips to the public, which include to always purchase from legitimate sources, avoiding aftermarket batteries, and to be wary of improper or suspicious packaging.

While counterfeiting is present in many consumer goods industries, and shoddy third party batteries are nothing new, their growing presence must have gotten to a notable level to warrant an FBI response. Take notice, and reconsider trying to save a few extra dollars the next time you need a battery.



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