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April 2008

April 2008


Moving to HD Videoconferencing

By Jay Ankeney

Although the perception of high definition is in the eye of the beholder, HD has rapidly become associated by most people as the highest level of video…

Technology Showcase: Videoconferencing Systems

By Jay Ankeney

Rarely has any technology revolution been so eagerly awaited and long predicted as the videoconferencing systems that are emerging into corporate, medical,…

Technology Showcase: Conference-room Telephone Systems

By Bennett Liles

Even with the wide variety of conference-microphone systems and videoconferencing equipment, the most familiar piece of hardware to be seen in conference…

Installation Profile: Mission: Invisible

By Jack Kontney

When the Services Group of America (SGA) built its new headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., one of the goals was to create an infrastructure that enabled…


JBL VRX900 Series

By John McJunkin

It seems like every manufacturer in the world is making a powered speaker-on-a-stick solution these days, and many of them really do the trick for portable…

Oppo Digital DV-983H

By Jeff Sauer

Over the last few years, Oppo Digital has carved out a reputation as a small company doing big things in the DVD player world. Flying below the slings…


Picture This: It’s Getting Easier to Be Green

By Jeff Sauer

The typical AV professional probably doesn’t think that often about protecting the planet at least not at work. Our spheres of outward influence are a…

Virtual Dinner

By Michael Goldman

I recall distinctly when it first dawned on me that modern videoconferencing was not just a niche business tool, but a technology with potential to be…

Expert Viewpoint: What’s in a Lamp?

By David Bethell

It has been more than 10 years since data projectors moved on from CRT to technologies that allowed more manageable units, and lamp technology also changed…

Associations Focus: Industry Integration

The consolidation of the NSCA Systems Integration Expo into InfoComm’s annual tradeshow will save industry professionals time and money by offering everything you need under one big roof. NSCA’s full educational roster…

POV: New CTS Renewal Process

By John Pfleiderer

If you are one of the more than 9,500 audiovisual professionals holding the CTS credential, you should be aware of changes to the CTS renewal process….


The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: University of Buffalo Neurosurgery Department, Buffalo, NY

By Jessaca Gutierrez

When IP Logic, a voice and data solutions provider based in Albany, N.Y., initially contracted with the University of Buffalo’s (UB) Neurosurgery Department,…

What’s New

What’s New: Video Technology

By Eric Melin

The Hitachi CP-X450 projector offers 3500 lumens of brightness, and it weighs just 7.7lbs. Striving for less-frequent maintenance, it features…

What’s New: Audio Technology

By Eric Melin

The self-powered UPQ-1P wide-coverage loudspeaker from Meyer Sound is the latest addition to the company’s UltraSeries. UPQ-1P delivers a…

What’s New: Residential Technology

By Eric Melin

The Canton Movie 80 CX and Movie 120 MX systems round out the company’s small home-theater loudspeaker packages. Both…

What’s New: AV Technology

By Eric Melin

Crestron says that its MPS-300 is the first Multimedia Presentation System (MPS) to feature fully digital audio-signal processing…

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