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Associations Focus: Educating the Masses

Interactive Opportunity at the 2005 Systems Integration Expo.

Associations Focus: Educating the Masses

Jan 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Interactive Opportunity at the 2005 Systems Integration Expo.

Planned for March 10-12 in the Orlando Convention Center, the NSCA Systems Integration Expo offers systems designers and installers opportunities to interact with numerous low-voltage technologies as they would operate on today’s network through interactive Technology Pavilions and in-classroom learning. New technology pavilions for the 2005 Expo include Live Sound and the Network Integration Center. Returning from the 2004 Expo are the popular Digital Signage Pavilion and, sponsored by the PSA Security Network, the Security/Life Safety Pavilion.

Demystifying Digital Signage Workshop at the 2004 Expo.


Co-sponsored by Live Sound International magazine is the Live Sound Showcase and Workshop series. The showcase will highlight how far professional audio has come over the last 25 years, in step with the Systems Integration Expo’s 25th anniversary in 2005. The workshop series has been designed to serve two audiences: advanced beginners and experienced professionals. Overall focus will include proper and accurate testing and measuring of sound reinforcement systems and in-depth analysis of loudspeaker performance within spaces and rooms.


The Network Integration Center will debut in 2005 with a host of companies coming together to offer attendees the opportunity to see an enterprise network simulation. Interoperability will be shown over a working TCP/IP network. Comprehensive educational classes will help participants implement such a practice.


Returning from 2004 is the Digital Signage Pavilion. Evolving from its original form of the City of Integration, the 2005 technology pavilion will help systems integrators understand and capitalize on this lucrative marketing medium through an interactive sporting arena. A dozen exhibitors will showcase the software necessary for managing and delivering messages through digital and dynamic signage. The corresponding educational track will help integrators work this technology into their business plans. Sponsorship is provided by ActiveLight and Systems Contractor News magazine.


Sponsored by the PSA Security Network, the Security/Life Safety Pavilion returns from 2004 with an added feature: the Networked Security Showcase. In addition to the 100 exhibitors offering the latest in security, life safety, and emergency evacuation options, the showcase will provide visitors an opportunity to see new technologies as they operate on a network. The accompanying education track will help systems integrators understand the considerations, implications, and benefits of bringing security into their product and service offerings.

The Systems Integration Expo is expected to draw more than 10,000 professionals from around the globe. More information, including a full exhibitors list, course descriptions, and housing reservations can be found at or by calling NSCA at (800) 446-6722. Members of NSCA and PSA receive free exhibit passes and discounted education.


For more information about NSCA, visit or call (800) 446-6722.

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