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Interface The PLVCFF is a Plus-Bus interface that provides control of the Visual Circuits FireFly 3 from the TCD/IP network-managed


Nov 1, 2003 12:00 PM



The PLVCFF is a Plus-Bus interface that provides control of the Visual Circuits FireFly 3 from the TCD/IP network-managed video system controller. The PLVCFF provides full-function control and status for the FireFly MPEG player using the TCD/IP network-managed video system controller. MPEG clips can be randomly accessed by name for immediate or scheduled playback. Features include the playtil and playnext commands, providing powerful scripted video playback for seamless transitions through sequential clips.
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Gepco International

The HDC120 series consists of the HDC120 and HDC120PU 12 mm heavy-duty hybrid fiber cables for SMPTE 311M HD camera applications. Both cables feature an increased overall diameter, larger-gauge copper conductors, and Kevlar-reinforced and tube-jacketed single-mode fibers for added durability. Also available are preterminated cable assemblies, which use the more robust 12 mm Lemo connector along with the proprietary Kellem adapter for the highest durability. The Kellem adapter with Kellem metal strain relief reduces stress from flex, pulling, and twisting, improving the durability of the connector and cable termination.
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Ethernet Appliance

PicturePhone Direct

The Easy VC-107 PacketMaster is a compact plug-and-play two-port Ethernet appliance that transmits clear video over IP without changing your existing network or videoconferencing system. You plug one unit in to each end of your IP videoconference for improvements in onscreen picture quality. The PacketMaster provides useable video-calls on non-QOS networks with as much as three times packet loss. The protocol enhancement algorithm technology cleans up videoconferencing streams by making IP network traffic simulate circuit-switched networks.
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Lowell Manufacturing Company

The model SCS-4R and SCS-8R rackmount sequencers are built to provide time-delayed on/off control of components linked to the company’s RPC remote power controls. Each occupying a single rackspace, the SCS-4R is equipped with four outputs, whereas the SCS-8R comes with eight. Either unit’s outputs can trigger a response on equipment connected to a maximum of ten RPC devices and are additionally outfitted with separate auxiliary relay contacts for sequencing the operation of other individual components or entire racks of gear. Other features found on both sequencers include variable time delay, front-panel LED status indicators, a UL-listed power supply, and rocker or keyswitch activation.
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Power Conditioners

Furman Sound

The HT Series consists of four new power management products incorporating professional-grade power conditioning technology reengineered to meet the needs of home-theater enthusiast as well as home-theater installer/contractors. The HT Series power conditioners consist of the following models: the PL-HT 15-amp, single-rackspace power conditioner and surge protector with variable dimming retractable lights; the PL-PRO HT 20-amp, single-rackspace power conditioner, with a multistage surge protector, over/undervoltage, automatic shutdown with variable dimming retractable lights; the PS-PRO HT 20-amp, single-rackspace power conditioner, with multistage surge protector, over/under voltage, automatic shutdown with three stage programmable sequencing, and remote triggering access; and the ASD-120 HT 120-amp, 120/240 VAC 6-channel distro.
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Comprehensive Video Group

The EZ Series compression connectors do not require any soldering. The EZ Series compression connectors are available in BNC, RCA, and F designs, including BNC connectors for RGBHV minicoax cable. They are available in both nickel and gold finishes. The radial design reduces impedance problems and can withstand as much as 80 pounds of pull force.
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Chief Manufacturing

The pivot-arm wallmounts for small flat-panel displays combine advanced functionality, strength, and attractiveness to provide the pro-A/V industry with solutions that fit all applications. The mounts provide various degrees of adjustments: the FWP-110 pivot/pitch wallmount, FWS-110 single swing arm mount, and FWD-110 (pictured) dual swing arm mount. Each of the mounts incorporates strength to ensure stable mounting. The mounts exhibit sleek designs in silver or black and include cable management in order to provide attractive, low-profile support for all small flat-panel display installations.
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