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Become a Household Name

Become a household name in the Residential Contractor’s Product Source Guide, the quarterly publication from S&VC devoted to the products and services

Become a household name in the Residential Contractor’s Product Source Guide, the quarterlypublication from S&VC devoted to the products and services essential to custom home systemsinstallers, contractors and dealers.

Take advantage of this complete residential product resource for identifying and specifying the latest gear and technology forhome theater, residential systems communications, home security systems and high tech/functional furniture. Residentialinstallers now have a one-stop industry resource to stay current on the latest product information and technological advances.Buyers of your product will turn to Residential Contractor’s Product Source Guide to learn essential techniques and conceptson wiring and installing equipment in residential applications. Key industry insiders such as Peter Putman, Bill Whitlock,Steve Filippini and more will share their insights and experiences on hot topics such as DTV and its effect on home systems,optimizing residential security options, and wiring and grounding to meet strict residential codes.

Your ad, filled with product and service information, will be in the hands of these more than 30,000 high tech and custom homeprofessionals and dealers. This is your chance to make sure they spec your products into their next home installation.

Product categories include:
Security and Monitoring
Audio Components
Video/Projection Projects
Home Automation and Control Systems

1. 64% of industry professionals project tremendous growth in the home theater and residential automation*markets over the next five years.
2. Revenues from home theater productions soared to over $9.5 million in 1999, an 11% increase over 1998.**
3. The video segment of home theater products grew 12% over 1998, with 1999 revenues totaling $8.7 billion.**
4. In 1999, the audio segment of home theater products grew 5% over 1998.**
* S&VC’s 1999 Industry Profile, Primedia Business Marketing Research
** Digital Video Insider, Digital Video News, March 2, 2000,

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