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May 1998

May 1998


Time Management

One area of sales that is frequently overlooked is time management. Management is typically not so guilty of this, because they usually are pretty much…



Kim Doyle is director of membership development and communications for the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA). * The International Communications…

What’s New

What’s New

Zone mixers: Citronic The Z-2M from Citronic is a self-contained, two-zone mixer with all controls located on the front panel. The Z-2MR offers the same…

Video Projections

High Definition Television

Peter H. Putman

Unless you’ve been marooned on a desert island for the past few years, you’ve surely heard the hype about the new television standard to be phased in…

Clean Signals

Understanding Video and other unbalanced interfaces.

Bill Whitlock

Ground noise is a rich mixture of power line harmonics and any other high-frequency noises that exist on the power line-think about listening to the power…


Live Music and Music Reproduction in houses of worship

Sound systems in houses of worship are necessary for two basic reasons-everyone needs to hear the spoken word clearly, and everyone needs to experience…

The Next Step: Familiarize yourself with DVD-Video, one of the more recentcontenders in the video format arena.

Mark Waldrep

After almost 20 years as a recording and mastering engineer, I now find myself routinely writing or speaking about new technologies that are driving the…

Safe Schools: An effective security system was integral to the welfare ofthe Hunstville, AL, school district.

Steve Hall

Just over a decade ago, Huntsville, AL, city schools were in trouble. Arson, theft and vandalism were out of control. On a single Sunday afternoon, an…

New Products

Home theater system: Cerwin-Vega’s HT series six-piece system includes four HT-SAT5 front/rear, two-way satellites that are magnetically shielded and…

The Video Domain

The world of video exists in a constant and rapid state of change. The manner in which video is stored has moved from magnetic tape housed in plastic…

Bridging the Gap: Understanding the fundamentals of distance learning isthe key to tapping this lucrative market.

Allan Lakey

Srolling by the conference room, you overhear, “Give me 3x BRI, H320, H281, G711-722-728, 12 point MCU, FCIF, QCIF, Fractional T1, H.323, T120 Data Collaboration…

The Video Food Chain: Designing video systems with emphasis upon the wholescheme of video quality yields high-quality results.

Steve Somers

The term “video” used to mean only one thing-television. Many people did not know the term until the availability of video cassette recorders and camcorders….

Larger than Life: Furnishing video for large venues requires an acuteawareness of the available technology.

Peter H. Putman

A couple of years ago, I walked the floor at NAB ’96 with a companion from the corporate and broadcast video production industry. We wandered from booth…

Working in Unison: Acquaint yourself with proven tactics for successfulvideowall installations.

Joshua Kairoff

From the beginning, videowalls have captured people’s attention in a way unlike any other large-screen display device. The big, bright, sharp images overwhelm…

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