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The DVI400 cable is for all-digital HDTV images. It has the bandwidth to deliver uncompressed video signals (HD's


Aug 1, 2003 12:00 PM


Monster Cable

The DVI400 cable is for all-digital HDTV images. It has the bandwidth to deliver uncompressed video signals (HD’s native format) from any digital set-top box or DVI-equipped DVD player to an HDTV display. The DVI400 supports the new high-definition pixel format. It supports as much as 24-bit-per-pixel digital RGB data at the maximum clock rate of 165 MHz.
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Proficient Audio Systems

The S8 and S10 subwoofers incorporate the latest designs and are built to fill media room jobs with lots of tight and powerful low-frequency energy. The S10 features a front-firing 10-inch long-excursion treated paper cone woofer. The driver and dual-vents are positioned to fire forward to better couple the system to the room. The S8 offers all the elements of the S10 but is more space conscious.
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Home Automation Service


SmarthomeLive is a full-featured home automation application that allows you to view and control electronic devices in real time through an Internet-ready PDA, a cell phone, or a computer. Home owners can remotely control house lighting, miniblinds, home entertainment components, home security systems, appliances, thermostats, and more using SmarthomeLive. In addition, SmarthomeLive sends the home owner an e-mail or a text message when motion is detected in selected areas, including the front door or poolside, allowing you to immediately view disturbances in the home and react appropriately. Additional applications include confirming the house lights are turned off after leaving the home, turning on the thermostat before arriving home from work, and setting recorders to record a TV program.
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Classé Audio

The Omega Preamplifier Mark III serves as a switcher, volume control, and buffer. The Mark III shares the footprint and basic chassis of the original and Mark II designs, but the Mark III has new circuit boards, layouts, and designs. It has a hybrid Class A push-pull topology that delivers a constant load, never varying in its current demands on the AC source nor the impedance it presents to the preamp, thereby ensuring isolation. The preamp circuitry has two independent input stages for each channel, one optimized for balanced operation through XLR jacks and one for unbalanced through RCA jacks.
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Speaker System


The Movie CD-1, 5.1-channel speaker system delivers the dynamics of home theater in small satellite speakers. The package consists of four identical aluminum microspeakers, a matched horizontal center-channel, and a small but powerful subwoofer. The CD-1 satellites a frequency response of 80 Hz to 25 kHz from a speaker that measures just over 5 inches tall and under 4 inches deep and wide. Features are a proprietary 3-inch aluminum woofer, high-integrity aluminum housing, a 3.6 kHz crossover network, and a passive filter circuit that blocks unwanted low-frequency signals.
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Acoustic Panels


The MiniTraps membrane trap absorbs midrange and high frequencies. MiniTraps are small and easy to handle. MiniTraps are made with rigid fiberglass and metal instead of foam, so they are fire resistant and can be installed with confidence in public venues. They install with one nail or hook without glue or wall damage.
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Power Cord

DH Labs

The Power Plus Reference Series AC power cord is handcrafted from high-purity copper and features noise-canceling technology. The Power Plus offers a high-quality alternative to throwaway power cords and will fit any component that will accept a standard IEC cord. The Power Plus AC power cord’s exclusive design lowers overall system noise. The Power Plus features two 12-gauge conductors and a 12-gauge ground and is wrapped in a custom insulation that reduces coloration and improves overall transparency.
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A/V Receiver


The TX-SR501 features 6.1-channel soundtrack compatibility, HD component video switching, Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES and Neo:6 processing, and adjustable subwoofer crossover points.
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Bang and Olufsen

The BeoLab 5 weighs approximately 135 pounds and is cone shaped with three circular mounted top discs. It has four specially designed speaker units with its own digital amplifier. The patented Acoustic Lens Technology allows the speaker to deliver treble and midrange at 180 degrees, resulting in an unfiltered, pure sound throughout the entire room. Two new technologies also include patented Adaptive Bass Control and Moving Microphone System features that together read, analyze, and compensate for the room’s effects to produce optimum bass rendition regardless of the loudspeaker’s position. The speakers also include patented ICEpower, a digital amplifying technology that combines extreme output, low-energy consumption, and compactness.
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Infinity Systems

The Primus Series incorporates Metal Matrix Diaphragm (MMD) driver technology to deliver sound quality. Models include the Primus 140, 2-way bookshelf; the Primus 150, 2-way bookshelf; the Primus 160, 2-way bookshelf; the Primus 250, 2½-way floor standing; the Primus 360, 3-way floor standing; the Primus C25 center-channel speaker; and the Primus Theater Pack. MMD driver cones are manufactured by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core to a controlled thickness, producing low-mass, highly rigid driver diaphragms that operate with reduced distortion and cone breakup, along with transient response, resolution, and smoothness throughout their frequency range. Each tweeter, midrange unit, and woofer is optimized for its application, with internal resonances eliminated within each driver’s frequency range to achieve maximum sonic clarity.
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Music Server


The Concierge is a dual-drive 160 GB music server that can store 2,500 hours — more than 100 days — of music and audio and play different selections simultaneously in as many as four zones with the option of expanding to a total of seven. The Concierge offers comprehensive media management features, including onscreen menus and access to online services, while providing everyday users with one-button operation from any listening area. The Concierge is designed to obsolete the CD changer as an audio source, and one Concierge will replace multiple CD changers in a multizone audio system while simplifying media storage, management, and access. The Concierge is equipped with a CD player so that CDs can be copied (or ripped as MP3s) to the internal hard drives, and it also provides a network connection for moving files stored on a PC.
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