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Sound & Video Contractor’s The Briefing Room

TURBOSOUND SPEAKERS HELP MARY JANES MAKE A MINT With both leisure drinkers and employees of London's financial heartland, the core clientele of the Mint

Sound & Video Contractor’s The Briefing Room

Feb 1, 2008 12:00 PM


With both leisure drinkers and employees of London’s financial heartland, the core clientele of the Mint Group-owned Mary Janes, the new bar in London’s Minories, exudes sophistication tinged with an unmistakable sense of fun.

To achieve the required ambience, installation company Rag Support chose Turbosound NuQ loudspeakers to meet the venue’s core requirement of delivering excellent sound quality from visually unobtrusive enclosures.

The 7000-square-foot, 400-person-capacity venue is spread across two floors, and it features an open-plan bar with glass-floored mezzanine balconies, and tables and chairs for dining, with a dance floor on the lower level.

“The challenge was to spread the sound equally across the two floors, because it is a very open-plan venue — the upper floor comprises balconies overlooking the lower floor,” says Rag Support’s Alex Gonzalez. “Ensuring uniform sound quality and coverage throughout the venue was very important. However, the speakers also had to be visually unobtrusive.” …


Music-server originator ReQuest has been selected by Concierge Direct, a luxury high-rise amenity services firm, to furnish the new, pristine The Plaza Private Residences in New York City with the company’s F.Series music servers.

The Plaza Private Residences are equipped with various lavish amenities, including ReQuest, to provide a solution to store and play music. The F.Series server features multiple audio outputs from a single unit, allowing family members to listen to different songs in different rooms of the residence.

With Serious Play Media Manager, ReQuest’s easy-to-use user interface, the F.Series can be controlled from the ReQuest 15in. touchscreen or from any computer connected to the Internet, allowing effortless navigation of the music collection by title, artist, album, genre, or playlist. …

Another important feature is the patented NetSync for iTunes, an easy-to-use synchronization between the F.Series server and iTunes. This technology allows users to update songs, playlists, and metadata on iTunes while seamlessly updating them on the ReQuest server, or vice versa. What’s more, via the Internet, owners can sync their entire music collection to a second music server anywhere in the world. …


ClearOne, a global provider of audioconferencing products, announced availability of the Converge SR 1212, a digital audio processor and matrix mixer developed specifically for the professional audio market. The Converge SR 1212 is a professional sound reinforcement product designed for audio applications in auditoriums, conference/meeting rooms, courtrooms, stadiums, arenas, hotel/convention centers, and houses of worship. The Converge SR 1212 is the successor to the PSR 1212 and incorporates new features including fourth-generation proprietary audio processing technologies, simplified configuration tools, and enhanced management features. The ability to link multiple Converge SR 1212s together makes it an ideal choice for virtually any size venue. …


NAD Electronics, a manufacturer of high-performance audio/video components, introduces the NAD IPD-1, an iPod accessory designed to enhance the home entertainment experience, at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show.

NAD’s new IPD-1 Dock is an easy, convenient way to enjoy music. Additionally, you can enjoy video from your fifth generation iPod (with video) on your NAD system. The attractive black-and-white dock features a weighted base with a rubber foot to provide a stable platform.

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