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Switcher An addition to the Modula Series4 line routes 32-by-32 RGBHV signals in a single four-rackspace enclosure with the


Nov 1, 2003 12:00 PM



An addition to the Modula Series4 line routes 32-by-32 RGBHV signals in a single four-rackspace enclosure with the use of HD-15 connectors. HD-15/RGBHV BNC breakout cables complete the installation package. The HD-15 addition maintains a consistent high bandwidth linearity 300 MHz (±3 dB) frequency response, low crosstalk, and Ultra-Flat Response. The Modula Series4 line of matrix switchers is for routing RGBHV, RGB, RGBS, SDI, composite video, stereo audio, and RS-422.
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Extron Electronics

The IPL T SF24 offers two serial ports, four flex I/O ports, and an integral Web server that enables most types of A/V devices to be controlled, monitored, and accessed from any computer connected to a local area network, a wide area network, or the Internet. The four flex I/O ports allow the IPL T SF24 to accept an input voltage and then send out a serial command, send an e-mail, or trigger another event. The flex I/O ports can support TTL and analog signals from 0V to 24V, allowing a variety of devices to be controlled and monitored. The flex I/O ports can be configured in three ways: analog in, digital in, or digital out.
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The portable Visualizer VZ-9 combines the high resolution of a progressive scan camera and real-time motion with 30 pictures per second. It has a built-in LCD monitor on the upper-left corner of the slightly oblique working surface. Next to the LCD monitor is a light field for slides. The unit is mounted on a turntable.
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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

The XL5900 ColorView is an LCD projector equipped with a built-in motion-sensitive antitheft alarm feature. The alarm is designed to deter projector theft from unattended classrooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms, hotel facilities, and other easy-access conference room settings. The security device on the projector is sensitive and audibly effective. It is tucked in the new beauty cover of the projector that hides unsightly connections and cords.
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LCD Monitor

Planar Systems

The PX212M 21.3-inch flat-panel LCD monitor is capable of producing multiple video images simultaneously and providing the resolution and screen size required to run several complex applications at once. The PX212M is the latest in the premium PX line of monitors and features an S-video input that enables a direct connection between devices such as game systems, DVD players, and camcorders. The monitor’s picture-in-picture functionality allows you to perform multiple tasks at once, such as analyzing video while working on a spreadsheet or surfing the Internet. The PX212M also features the QuadStand base, allowing for simple height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustments, providing flexibility of viewing position for the user.
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SoundVu technology turns the projection screen itself into a distributed mode loudspeaker by using actuators positioned at the invisible edge to vibrate the screen, locking sound and vision as one. SoundVu technology works without adding depth or size to the unit and, by using the screen, eliminates the need for the external wires and boxy speakers that accompany conventional audio technology. SoundVu technology delivers a wide audio sweet spot as it disperses frequencies evenly across the panel’s bandwidth, thereby avoiding the beaming common with conventional speakers.
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Key Digital Systems

The HD Leeza (KD-HD1080P) offers expanded digital inputs, including DVI in/out and SDTV as well as HDTV up-, down-, and cross-conversion. The new HD Leeza offers more digital infrastructure support than its predecessor with an increase in digital inputs, such as two digital DVI/HDCP, one digital SDI 270Mb/s, two component, one RGBHV (with pass-through), two S-video, and two composite video inputs. The unit offers digital DVI/HDCP and analog RGBHV for full HDTV functionality. The HD Leeza is designed to serve as a reliable digital backbone to any home theater, commercial, or retail installation and can scale HDTV and SDTV input formats 480i, 480p, 720p, 1,080i/540p, and 1,080p.
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JVC Professional Europe

With the addition of a 1:1 fixed wide-angle lens with 0 percent offset, the DLA-SX21S has been developed for applications that require short throw, such as mounting into a rear-projection cabinet or in rear-projection room installations where space behind the screen is limited. The SX21 is ideal when used with CinePro optical rear-projection screen material, allowing the projected image to remain bright, crisp, and clear, with no loss of contrast. The D-ILA projector display technology used in the SX21 provides flickerfree images, which reduces eye strain over long-term viewing. Projection images are delivered by three high-performance SXGA+ (1,400 by 1,050) 0.7-inch D-ILA devices (1.5M pixels by 3).
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