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Read on here for new residential video products, many of which are specifically geared toward the home theater install.


Sep 28, 2001 12:00 PM,


Fiber Optic Video Display
American Shizuki Corporation

Fiber optic technology drives this large-format video display,facilitating single, high-resolution images at distances of 6 to 50feet. The Stratavision boasts ease of operation, clarity and quality,and a seamless image. It is non-matrixed and non-modular, allowing thescreen to fit to structures of all shapes, even with screen sizes from50 to 200 inches diagonal.


This new high-brightness DLP™ projector is equipped withhigh-resolution digital micromirror devices and a strong opticalsystem. Delivering 5000 lumens, the Barco SLM G5 “Performer” ishigh-powered, adaptable, reliable and easy to use. An interlockingfeature allows the units to be stacked for higher light output. Theprojector features sealed optics, an integrated carrying handle andrigging system, and direct mounting capability.

Video Projector
Barco Reality

The Barco Reality 6500 offers a 5500-lumens output in a compact, quietdesign. The unit features 1.8-inch S-XGA polysilicon LCD panels withMicro Lens Arrays and a wide range of input connections: Video,S-video, RGB, VGA and SDI/SDO. An optional FireWire input connectscomputers with digital video cards and consumer products, such asdigital camcorders, VCRs and digital cameras without image degradation.Other features include a variety of available fixed-length and zoomlenses and an AutoImage feature that optimizes all display settings toincoming source signal.

Network Option

Barco 6000-Series projectors can now be connected to a LAN and becomeIP-addressable devices by installing the Ethernet 10/100 Base-Tinterface. Once the interface is in place, a user can access all vitalfunctions of the projector using the web application in a standardInternet browser. Users can mouse through features: switching sources,adapting geometry, changing color and brightness, zooming, focussing.Also, users can see the general status of all projectors on the networkand apply more advanced diagnostics to spot electronic errors, lampmaintenance issues, etc. Security is assured with user ID andpassword.

Sequential Switcher
Cable Tronix

This combines sequential switcher and modulator, which allows eightvideo cameras to be watched on every television in the home. TheCTVSM-81, also known as the Zorange, has a UHF channel range from 14 to79 and a cable TV range from 65 to 94 and 100 to 135. Features includean adjustable dwell time from 4 seconds to 20 seconds on each input, apush-button “home” function and a dip switch block. It has twovideo-only outputs that can go to video monitors in addition to its RFoutput that can be distributed to the televisions.

Electric Screen

Installers can order the Advantage Electrol to be delivered with thecase and fabric together or separately (to protect the screen surfacefrom damage during construction). It has a lightweight, white, extrudedaluminum case that is clean-looking and allows easy installation ofceiling tiles around the case. The screen is available in tensioned andnon-tensioned versions in a variety of fabrics.


Designed to meet the increased need to accommodate variousmultichannel audio formats for a wide variety of applications,Denon’s AVR-3801P A/V Surround Receiver supports 5.1 through 7.1multichannel playback formats and supports them with seven discrete,independent channels, each with 105 watts of power and equal frequencyresponse across the spectrum. This receiver also supports DTS-ESExtended Surround Discrete, Extended Surround Matrix 6.1, Dolby Digital5.1 and Dolby 6.1 DTS formats.

Line Quadrupler and Video Scaler
Focus Enhancements

Focus unveils its QuadScan Elite line quadrupler and video scalerdesigned for use with high-resolution, progressive-scan videoprojectors and displays for both home theater and professional videopresentation. It can be set up and operated using front-panel control,an infrared remote or by commands via its RS-232/422 port. It isavailable in a desktop unit or a rackmount configuration and has twoinput channels, each available as composite, Y/C or component. Alloutput is directed through a 15-pin VGA-type connection.

Plasma Display Panel

The CMP4120HDU is the new 42-inch version of Hitachi’s PlasmaDisplay Panel. This high-definition PDP incorporates the ALIS system, atechnology that increases display quality, vertical definition,brightness and screen life. With a resolution of 1600 by 1200 (or 1024by 1024), the CMP4120HDU has a contrast ratio of 700:1 and a viewingangle of 160°. Compatible with HDTV, this screen automaticallyadjusts its resolution. It can be connected to video cameras, digitalbroadcasting adapters and PCs. Dimensions are 41 inches wide by 25.5inches high by only 3.5 inches deep.


Enhancing the Proxima Pro AV 9400 is the new Proxima Pro AV 9410, aprojector offering 3700 lumens of brightness, SXGA (1280×1024)resolution and a contrast ratio of 600:1. This 1.8-inch polysilicon LCDprojector produces images from PCs and other data sources as well asS-video, DVD and HDTV. DFP (digital flat panel) digital-to-digitalconnectivity conforms to the latest digital standards. Features includepower lens shift at ±12°, six lens options and numerousinputs including BNC x5, RGB, component video, composite video andS-video. An RS-232 control comes with the projector and allowsintegration with AMX/Panja and Crestron control systems.

DVD-Audio/Video Players

Kenwood’s first line of DVD-audio/video players includes two5-disc carousels that play DVD-audio discs, DVD-video discs and audioCDs. A highlight of the line, the DV-4900 features 24-bit DRIVE IIdistortion reduction circuitry and 24-bit audio digital-to-analogconverters. It has 4-disc play exchange, CD test display, and32-audio-track programmable memory. Design includes a sterlingfaceplate and black lacquer wood side panels. Each of the new modelsincorporates Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound decoding.

One-Box Switcher
Kramer Electronics

Combining the functions of composite video, S-video and VGA/XGAswitchers, the Kramer VP-23 has an additional audio switching sectionthat routes one of the pre-selected audio inputs from the otherswitching sections into a separate audio output. The switcher iscontrolled either with front-panel buttons or a rear-panel RS-232input.

DVD/CD Player

Capable of playing both music and 5.1 movies, the T550 comes with abuilt-in Dolby Digital decoder that connects directly to the 5.1 inputof NAD receivers. The user can specify speakers and delay times usingan onscreen display. The audio frequency response is 10 Hz to 22 kHz(DVD) and 10 Hz to 20 kHz (CD), with 103dB dynamic range. The T550 hasrear panel jacks for digital coaxial, digital optical, composite video,S-video and component video output. The unit is 17.125 by 3.125 by11.813 inches and 8.4 pounds.

Plasma Monitor
NEC Technology PlasmaSync

NEC’s new 50-inch, XGA resolution, plasma display monitor is the50MP1. Features include 1365×768 resolution, split screen multi-inputdisplay, a DVI input and high image quality. Picture-in-picture optionsenable concurrent display of 4:3 and 16:9 images. The 50MP1 has broadsource and multimedia capabilities with AccuShield phosphor protectionand 3X digital zoom, controllable with an ergonomic remote.

DVD Player

The DV-S939 is a THX-Ultra-certified DVD player that plays audio andvideo DVDs, CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs. Decoding for Dolby Digital and DTSand 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog conversion is built in. DirectDigital Path does not clip data, and heavy-gauge shielded cable furtherreduces interference and noise. Dual transformers separate the powersupplies for the analog and digital circuits. The DV-S939 uses 3:2pull-down technology for a flicker-free progressive scan that generates30 complete frames per second. It has two digital outputs with coaxialand optical connectors for each and DB-25 and RCA 5.1-channel audiooutputs plus one stereo output. Two video outputs (S-video orcomposite), an RS-232 port, and an open IEEE-1394 buss round out thepackage.

Wall Cube Screen

The RM-2550S2 advanced screen for Pioneer’s ultra-thin videowall cube offers a mullion width of less than 1 millimeter andvirtually seamless image displays. The screen is designed for use withthe RM-2550U/E 50-inch cube. It can be retrofitted to other, existingPioneer thin videowall cubes as well.

Video Synchronizer
Prime Image

Designed to keep video signals clean and stable, the D1 Sync+ framesynchronizer includes a serial digital interface input and four SDIoutputs in a single-rackspace box with available rack-mounted orhandheld remote control. The unit automatically selects 525 or 625lines and allows users to control video, color and set-up levels, aswell as freeze a frame or field. It features full proc ampcontrols.


Proton’s 32-inch PT-33PM1 ProFlat high-definition direct-viewmonitor/NTSC receiver presents all of the 18 ATSC formats in theirnative resolutions while delivering true digital TV images from anysource. It has two screen modes (4:3 and 16:9) for regular andwidescreen viewing and comes with a 181-channel NTSC tuner and sevenvideo source inputs. The package comes with a built-in , 6-speakerthree-way system with two tweeters, two midrange speakers and dualsubwoofers, plus a Spatializer® 3-D sound system.

Video Scaler
RGB Spectrum

The DTQ™ is one of RGB Spectrum’s latest video scalers. Itcan receive a video input and double, triple or quadruple the number oflines when output to any display. This product accepts composite NTSC,S-video or component video from video tape, laser disc, DVD, directbroadcast or satellite source. It includes video processing featuressuch as contrast, brightness, color and sharpness controls. And itcomes with an IR remote control and intuitive onscreen menus, plus anLCD front panel display and RS-232 port.

Interface Board Upgrade

Runco completed a high-definition interface board upgrade for itsReflection™ series projectors. The new Reflection VX-101c, whichcombines the VX-101 projector and the VHD controller, is easy to useand can work for a variety of applications. The high-definition upgradelets the controller convert DTV signals (1080I, 720p and 480p) andconvert different VESA standard computer signals to the 800x450widescreen resolution of the projector. The VX-101c has a single-chipDLP™ engine, a light output of 800 ANSI lumens, and can reproduceconventional and anamorphic/widescreen programs on a 16:9 or a 4:3aspect ratio screen.

Rear Projection TV

This 58-inch-wide, 16:9 aspect ratio TV has a built-in line doublerfor great resolution, clarity and color reproduction from NTSC sources.The DTV-5800 features dual NTSC tuner-decoder with dual-window mode;graphical onscreen control of contrast, brightness, sharpness andcolor; and an audio center channel with two 6.25-inch speakers and a14-watt internal amp. It has a horizontal scan frequency of 31.7 and 34kHz and a vertical scan frequency of 59.94 and 60 Hz; 8500 lumens peaklight output; and a maximum picture size of 58 inches wide by 32.625inches high. Universal learning remote control, two AA batteries and anowner’s manual are included.

LCD Screen/Portable DVD Player

The DV-L80U and DV-L78U home-theater-quality portable DVD players,from Sharp, have joined the DVD market. The DV-L80U has a built-inDolby® digital audio decoder, DVD-RW integrated technology, simplecontrols and line-level speaker outputs. It is 8.2 inches wide by 6.1inches high by 1 inch deep and weighs 2 pounds, 13 ounces (includingthe battery). The DV-L78U has a 7-inch screen and most of the samefeatures as the DV-L80U; but it does not have the Dolby digitalrecorder or line-level speaker outputs.


Sharp offers a variety of flat-panel LCD TVs, including the LC-10A2U,LC-12A2U, LC-15A2U and the LC-20A2U. All models feature wide viewingangles, high brightness, a built-in 181-channel tuner, 9000K colortemperature, image inverter, sleep timer and optional mountingbrackets. In addition, the 10-inch model (pictured) includes RGB strippixel configuration (at 921,600 pixels), 200:1 contrast ratio, digitalcomb filter, a built-in 2-watt stereo amp and 1.5-inch speakers. The12-inch model has most of the same features, with longer lamp life,wider viewing angles, and a 2.5-watt stereo amp with three speakers.The larger models weigh slightly more and add features like V-chiptechnology.

Conference Series Projector

The Sharp XG-V10WU, designed for custom professional installations, isan SXGA-native LCD projector that comes with remote access and controlsoftware, multiple inputs and control options, and a quick-setupPresenterPAK. It is powered by three 1.8-inch LCD panels and two UHPlamps, with a brightness of 4700 ANSI lumens and uniform output.


Expanding its Conference Series of XGA and SXGA projectors formid-sized and large venues, Sharp introduces the XG-P20XU LCDprojector. It features 3300 lumens of brightness, native XGA resolutionand 360° remote control capability. The P20 is equipped with GyroMouse wireless remote control that lets users operate the projectorfrom any angle within a 100-foot radius. Additional features: 600:1contrast ratio, two computer inputs and one DVI-D input, separatecomposite and S-video inputs, and HDTV and component video (RGB)inputs. Optional lenses are available.

Sony Electronics

Sony’s 42-inch PFM42B1 SuperSlim monitor provides flexiblehorizontal or vertical viewing on a 1024×1024-pixel display at a 160?viewing angle. Users can change aspect ratios from 4:3 to 16:9 for DVDpresentations and widescreen broadcasts. The monitor has an advancedscan converter, along with a full-function remote, colortemperature/dot phase adjustment and 20 video-memory settings. It isavailable in brushed silver and charcoal gray.

Front Screen
Stewart Filmscreen

GrayHawk from Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is an innovative frontprojection screen material that’s engineered to maximize image fidelityfor LCD, DLP and D-ILA projection technologies. The material’s uniquetranslucent optical coatings, combined with its gray-basedundercoating, increases image black levels, shadow detailing andoverall color saturation providing viewers with a more film-likeexperience. The viewing angle is 160°, and GrayHawk is availablein various fixed and motorized retractable screen models.

Video Projector

Using Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing™technology, Yamaha’s DPX-1 provides film-like picture quality forhome theater movie projection. It uses a single DLP chip and a 0.9-inchDigital Micromirror Device™ to achieve a contrast ratio of 900:1and a brightness level of 1000 ANSI lumens. Digital video processingoptimizes video signals including component video with BNC terminals,digital RGB, DVI and S-video. The DPX-1 includes an RS-232 serialinterface for control by PC and a +12-volt trigger to activate othercomponents when the projector is on.

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