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What’s New: AV Technology

Comprehensive's XHD eXtreme high-definition cables and accessories are designed to provide high-resolution video performance for HDTV and high-definition

What’s New:
AV Technology

Apr 1, 2006 12:00 PM,
By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey


Comprehensive’s XHD eXtreme high-definition cables and accessories are designed to provide high-resolution video performance for HDTV and high-definition source and display technologies including plasma, LCD, and DLP displays; digital satellite and cable receivers; DVRs; and streaming video. The cables include composite video, S-Video, component video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, digital audio, and others. The cables offer improved high-definition signal transmission and use state-of-the-art cable technology including 100 percent oxygen-free copper center conductors; nitrogen gas dielectrics, and double shielding for low loss; maximum signal transfer.
▪ Comprehensive |


Octave Systems‘ 11-drive Copy Master II can burn up to 16X on DVD+/-R formats, and up to 48X on CDs. It can duplicate standard 120mm CDs and DVDs, plus several business card-shaped discs and mini CD/DVD formats. The 10-drive Date Safe Copy Master II Pro 10 features a convenient, removable front-bay hard drive for use with sensitive materials. The Pro 10 can duplicate DVDs up to 16X, 8.5GB Dual-Layered DVDs up to 4X, and CDs up to 48X.
▪ Octave Systems |


Vaddio‘s TrackView controls Sony EVI camera series, Canon VC-C50i, or Sony BRC-300 robotic cameras, providing hands-free automated camera tracking and preset control for instructor/presenter camera tracking applications. This allows presenters to have the camera follow them as they walk between preset locations. The Vaddio EZCamera cabling system allows for easy camera integration using Cat-5 cable for all video, power, and control. Preset trigger devices can be incorporated into the system to activate preset camera locations in designated areas. These triggers include the AutoView IR sensors and StepView floor mats.
▪ Vaddio |


Chief Manufacturing‘s PLP Universal Pull-N-Tilt wall mount for large flat-panel TVs and displays fits up to 90 percent of 37in. to 65in. plasma and LCD screens on the market. It enables effortless fingertip tilt adjustments and provides an ultra-low-profile design (2.5in. depth) with self-leveling. The bottom pulls out with an easy-grip handle and locks for 3in. of improved cable access. A large wall plate opening reduces the risk of outlet interference.
▪ Chief Manufacturing |


Calypso Control‘s ION-LT (pictured) and ION-LT2 control dongles bring affordable control and monitoring to small room projects. Despite their compact size, both models offer the complete Calypso feature set, including onboard web server and event database with 512 actions, and control hyperlink compatibility, timed events, network events, and IR learning. The dongles are available with Ethernet connectivity, dual IR outputs, and a single relay, as well as one (ION-LT) or two (ION-LT2) RS-232 ports.
▪ Calypso Control Systems |


Disc MakersReflex2 and Reflex10 tower duplicators feature NEC 16X DVD+/-R/48X CD-R drives with Dual-Layer DVD duplication capabilities, new controllers with a 128Mb buffer, and flexible features such as ability to rename files stored within the hard disk and separate user accounts with password protection. The Reflex2 can produce up to 16 DVD+/-Rs or up to 31 CD-Rs per hour. The Reflex10 produces up to 80 DVD+/-Rs or up to 150 CD-Rs per hour.
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Crestron‘s UPX-2-MSO upgrades the original UPX-2 AV digital media presentation solution with new features, including selectable Internet security levels, enhanced MediaMarker functionality, expanded program control of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 10, selectable error message pop-up, PNG and GIF support, dynamic graphics, touch-in support via Cresnet and Ethernet, and video/RGB source presets. The new system also features a Microsoft Office application for direct creation and editing of documents, Java Runtime and ActiveX for enhanced web browsing, and RealPlayer and Axis ActiveX Control for streaming media support.
▪ Crestron |


New IR emitters from Xantech help integrators solve real-world challenges. Users can control a single source component from two different IR systems with one emitter using the new 282TP and 283TP Twin-Plug emitters (pictured).The high-power 282X “Naked” emitter can be installed within the case of the equipment near the internal IR receiver — its high power makes exact positioning unnecessary. A small wire run out the back of the component provides a nearly invisible installation. Also being re-introduced is the 380-20 BLAST-IR emitter, a high-powered J-Box-mounted unit designed to send IR commands across a room.
▪ Xantech |


The AMX for iPort module lets system integrators quickly and easily incorporate the Apple iPod into their customers’ AMX control systems, allowing users to listen to their favorite music and podcast content from anywhere in their home. The new module allows users to control their iPort system through their AMX Modero touchpanels or Mio Modero DMS Pinnacle keypads.
▪ AMX |


Ridge Tool Company‘s Ridgid electrical hand tools include tools for stripping, cutting, and crimping a variety of wire types and gauges. The line of 10 tools includes stranded and solid copper cutters/strippers; Romex and solid copper cutters/strippers; an all-purpose cutter for Romex, copper, and coax; a tight-space cutter/stripper/crimper kit; combination cutter/stripper/crimper tools for copper and coax; and a fiber-optic cable stripper. These new electrical hand tools use the Ridg-Back cutting blade, which features a staggered blade design to reduce hand force up to 50 percent.
▪ Ridge Tool Company |


Online Media TechnologiesAVS Disc Creator 2.1 freeware now supports Blu-ray disc media (BD-R, BD-RE) offering 25GB to 50GB of storage per disc, in addition to supporting CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD/R, and Double/Dual Layer. The new version also offers a multi-session feature that allows users to burn multiple backups on one disc, import a new session, add or delete new files and folders from the existing burning session, or edit a session regardless of what software was used to author the disc. The software is available for download from the company’s website.
▪ Online Media Technologies |


DVC‘s new ClipRecorder AV is designed for uncompressed HD projection or multi-screen HD display. The cost-efficient uncompressed disc recorder supports all TV and VESA formats up to 2K and plays out MPEG-2 and WMV-encoded clips in realtime. It offers traditional digital and analog video and audio interfaces and DVI outputs for easy monitoring of presentation applications. Other features include a new GUI, a local function display, a jog/shuttle panel, and RS-422 remote control. Clips can be imported quickly and easily via the Gigabit network interface. The recorder can play back standard file formats such as QuickTime, AVI, WMV, and MPEG without conversion.
▪ Digital Video Computing |


ETA SystemsConditioned Power Center is the company’s first three-phase power conditioner. The new three-phase power conditioners are available in sizes from 10kVA to 300kVA and provide the same high-performance power as the popular single-phase models.
▪ ETA Systems |


Scantek‘s RION DA-20 4-channel data recorder allows users to record electronic signals and waveform data for audio recording and sound and vibration onsite measurement. It can use transducers including constant-current Electret condenser mics and single- and tri-axis accelerometers. The measurements are stored on a memory card (CF card) as WAV files and can be reproduced as an analog signal or output to an external signal analyzer. The CF card allows easy access to stored data via PC, and the included software DA-20 viewer enables time-history data display on PC or via WAV/CSV file output to PC.
▪ Scantek |

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