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Flash Class: Can you Make Money on User Interface for ProAV?

Webcast on Demand: Why well-designed UI is valuable to your customer and how to sell it


While integrators may be hesitant to over-promise more than a serviceable UI design, great user interfaces are increasingly expected and offer a prime opportunity to differentiate and up-sell customers. With the consumerization of software, people have the same expectations from products in their professional and personal lives. You are in a great position to meet that need with smart UIs that really work for your customer’s use case.

Increasingly, your business and reputation will be defined and measured by the UI/UX you can create. Learning and applying user-centered design principles can help you offer a differentiated and profitable service to your customers.

 In this webcast you will learn:

– what user-centered design is and why it’s important

– why focusing on workflow, usability, contexts of use – not features – is key to good UI

– how research informs smart design

-how ProAV-specific tools for UI design can help you specialize and differentiate  in UI


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