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InfoComm International News

Register for InfoComm 2015

Be ‘wowed’ by the coolest technology out there. Recharge your creative batteries. Get excited about our industry and remind yourself why you love AV.

InfoComm 2015 is the largest event for professional AV in the world, with over 980 exhibitors and more than 37,000 attendees from 110+ countries. This is your once-a-year opportunity to see the latest audiovisual technology, learn the skills that will advance your career, and grow your professional network.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll experience at InfoComm 2015:

● Focused show floor pavilions so you can find the audio, digital signage, unified communications and collaboration, live events, and security solutions you need

● Audio demo rooms where you can hear and compare outstanding products from leading companies

● InfoComm University™ training and hands-on workshops that deliver the real-world skills you’ll use on the job

● Behind the scenes technology tours of AV installations at local entertainment and sports venues

● InfoComm show favorites like the Rigging Safety demos, Technologies for Worship magazine Live Events stage, members-only show floor tours, and more

● Networking receptions and where you can meet up with your colleagues and make new connections

There’s no other event where you’ll see, learn, and experience so much … and have an awesome time doing it. It’s the reason that for nearly half of all attendees, InfoComm is the only show they visit.

Register now for InfoComm 2015! Visit

Request for Information

Contribute to the AV Industry Through Thought Leadership

InfoComm is engaging the industry in a series of technical papers created to explain current trends, collect industry insight and best practices, and describe ways in which AV professionals can exploit technology for their and their clients’ benefit. Such technical papers will vary in length and be made available free to the public. The topics InfoComm wishes to cover in 2015 are:

● Technical Challenges and Opportunities in Transmitting Ultra High-Resolution Video (Q2 2015)

● Technical Challenges and Opportunities in Wirelessly Transmitting Audiovisual Signals (Q3 2015)

● Best Practices in Digital Signage Network Design and Content Creation/Distribution (Q4 2015)

As in its other programs, InfoComm intends to engage industry participants in the production of these technical papers. To that end, InfoComm issues this REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI).

To respond to the RFI, which may include, but is not limited to, contributing source material, participating in expert interviews, or reviewing portions of an InfoComm technical paper, please visit our RFI Submission Form at

You may also respond to this RFI by emailing information to [email protected].

InfoComm Special Reports

Written for the AV professional, InfoComm Special Reports offer an insider’s view of the innovative technologies and companies that make the AV industry dynamic and exciting. These special reports feature an in-depth view of the trends and issues facing the professional AV industry.

Be sure to check out these recent special reports:

Acoustics — Critical Seasoning for the Exceptional Experience

If sound is the stepchild to picture, then acoustics is the junior partner of sound. At least that’s how it seems sometimes. But the practice of acoustics design in spaces used for AV is more important than ever, especially as recent trends make it more challenging to communicate content effectively.

Spectrum 2015: A Crowded Wireless Audio World Is About to Get More So

Having evicted wireless audio users from one part of the radio frequency spectrum just a few years ago, the Federal Communications Commission has plans to auction off another band — eventually. This time, some concessions have been made to the many groups who count on wireless microphones. But will it be enough?

Best Practices in Pop-Up Events

Nothing lasts forever, but the notion of a “pop-up event” has taken transience to a new level. Locations touting themselves as “venues” for abruptly-appearing, short-lived events (think streets, lots and vacant buildings), offer a number of possibilities. But that kind of impermanence has implications for AV systems.

In 2015, Make Decisions and Accept Consequences

InfoComm International’s Executive Director and CEO rings in the New Year with advice for AV professionals: Make the decisions that will differentiate your company in the marketplace and celebrate the consequences of those decisions. Read more in the All Voices Blog, visit http://bit. ly/ICAllVoices

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