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WATCH: 154 dancers become ‘human pixels’ in a giant display

'Chiroptera' was created for the Paris Opera, in collaboration with artist JR, choreographer Damien Jalet, and musician Thomas Bangalter

The lowly pixel. Those of us in the AV industry are accustomed to their concept in its various forms; how tiny dots change color to create the illusion of movement. Every display is reliant on them, to the point that I believe they don’t get the credit they deserve. To take a look at things in a different light, enjoy the video above, as 154 dancers wear flowing costumes to become human pixels in a giant display.

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As part of the restoration works at the historic Palais Garnier, the Paris Opera collaborated with artist JR and choreographer Damien Jalet to create a performance piece commemorating the evolution of the institution’s façade. With music by Thomas Bangalter and select costuming by Chanel, the piece, “Chiroptera“, premiered to a large audience earlier this month.

To jump ahead to the reveal of the ‘display’ and human ‘pixels’, skip to 8:30 in the video.


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