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Adobe to bring generative AI tools to video editing

Tools will allow users to change lighting, generate background music, all from a text input

Adobe has announced this week that it will be integrating generative AI tools into its video editing platforms. The company had announced previously that Firefly, its new AI generator, would be a tool for commercial artists to use to create and enhance their art. Now, Adobe has announced that some of Firefly’s features will be integrated into Premiere Pro and After Effects.

In a video featured in Adobe’s announcement, several uses cases of Firefly for video editing were showcased, including generating mood music for a video, automatically finding relevant B-roll, and even changing complex lighting, all from a simple text input.

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In an interview, Adobe Vice President of Digital and Video Audio Enterprise Offerings Ivo Manolov told Reuters that with these new AI tools, “With a single button, we can generate 1,000 versions of the same video that are localized.”

While Adobe hasn’t released specific release dates for most of these features other than “sometime this year,” they did announce that text-based video editing would be coming to Premiere Pro in May.

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