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New research in blue OLED results in unheard-of energy efficiency

Researchers have come up with a blue OLED that only requires 1.47 V of energy to turn on

Researchers from the Tokyo Intstitute of Technology have made a breakthrough that could have implications for all OLED displays, particularly for smartphones and large screen displays. Traditionally, blue organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) require a very high voltage, making efficiency an ever present issue when designing OLED displays.

Upcoming blue PHOLED displays offer increased energy efficiency and brightness

However, Associate Professor Seiichiro Izawa from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in collaboration with University of Toyama, Shizuoka University, and the Institute for Molecular Science, has come up with a blue OLED that requires a much, much smaller voltage of 1.47 V. This revelation results in a novel OLED that has an ultralow turn-on voltage for blue light emission, and utilizes a common fluorescent emitter that is often present in commercial displays. As such, power efficiency in future OLED displays could reach an unheard benchmark, resulting in new applications for the display type. The researchers’ findings have bene published in the journal Nature Communications.

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