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BOE’s 110 inch 16K display is world’s first

This prototype isn't practical, but is still striking to see

[Photo: Ulrike Kuhlmann,]

Chinese display panel manufacturer BOE turned some heads at Display Week this year in Los Angeles with their 110 inch 16K LCD display. With a resolution of 15360×8640, the concept display packs in 16 times the amount of pixels present in a 4K display.

Taking a whopping 16 DisplayPort cables to run, this display is less about practicality and more about showing off raw resolution. Reporters from the German publication that saw the prototype in person remarked that the display’s visuals “look like it was printed [on].”

While the visuals and sheer size are impressive, its unlikely that 16K displays will be catching on anytime soon. 8K content is still not readily available on most platforms, marring current 8K TV sales. Still, BOE’s prototype gives us a glimpse as to the type of striking visuals that might be populating our not-too-distant future.


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