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Bad actors cause Dropbox to drop their “as much space as you need” policy

Dropbox Advanced storage policy to change beginning November 1st.

Dropbox Advanced, the company’s $24-a-month unlimited plan, is unlimited no more. The plan was introduced as a way to allow businesses to have access to unlimited storage without worrying about scalability, but a group of bad actors has necessitated a change from the company.

In a blog post, Dropbox explains that their “as much space as you need” policy is being retired November 1st due to an increasing number of users buying the subscription “for purposes like crypto and Chia mining, unrelated individuals pooling storage for personal use cases, or even instances of reselling storage.” The company goes on to note that these prohibited usages have spiked in recent months due to other cloud storage companies implementing similar policies.

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Going forward, Dropbox Advanced plans that have at least three active users will have access to 15TB of storage split among the team. Customers using less than 35TB of storage will keep the amount of storage their team is using at the time of notification, plus a free extra 5TB for the next 5 years. For customers using over 35TB of storage (which Dropbox notes is less than 1% of licenses), the company says “ou’ll be able to continue utilizing your current storage amount at the time you’re notified, plus an additional 5TB credit of pooled storage for one year (up to 1,000TB total), at no additional charge to your existing plan.” Dropbox says that these customers will be contacted soon by the company’s team to ensure the transition is smooth and that they have options for everything they may need.


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