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Looking Glass holographic 4K and 8K debut

Looking Glass Gen2 holographic displays are 4K and 8K

Looking Glass holographic displays have gone second-generation. The 4K Gen2 and the 8K Gen2, are both powered by what the company’s “advanced light-field technology.”

The new products update the company’s first-generation holographic Looking Glass Portrait.which sold via a Kickstarter project for as little as $249. The second-generation devices are bigger, lighter, thinner, and incorporate ambient reflection reduction. The$3,000 4K version is 15.6 inches and the $17,500 8K version is 32 inches

All three of the company’s devices can be used to convert and display photographs taken with a smartphone (using a Looking Glass app) into 3D pictures or videos that show the picture as if from a moving camera.They can also be used to create and display 3D objects and animations and use the Looking Glass software called HoloPlay Studio.

The devices work with Unity, Unreal Engine and Blender, 3D programs, allowing users to create a wide variety of content. Both of the new second-generation devices are now being sold directly on the Looking Glass website.

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