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Lumina embeds a 24-inch OLED monitor into a sit/stand desk

The popular webcam maker is on to something new

Like those trendy epoxy infused tables, Lumina has embedded a programmable 24-inch display under the surface of a sit/stand desk. Kind of a heads-down display if you will–to put your widgets on top of your desk under where your coffee should go. If you don’t want another monitor poking up off your desk this may one day (sometime in 2023) be the secondary monitor for you. Or you may want to specify it when it’s available for the target $1000 price or close to it.

The Lumina Desk is a powered sit-stand desk, so already it’s useful. The display sits at about the midpoint and the whole desk is coated in anti-glare glass. Lumina claims a max brightness of 1200 nits and 60Hz refresh rate which would make it a pretty respectable display. The desk also carries two 20 x 20 Qui wireless charging pads (100W each) and there are six hidden AC outlets with a built-in circuit breaker, and six USB-C ports, each one able to deliver up to 30W. So between this desk and your F-150 Lighting you could be cocooned in power. To hide cables and mess, there are 826 cubic inches of cable management storage space. Also promised are sitting/standing timers and even a way to schedule the up and downsy so it can take you unawares and spill your coffee in the middle of a Zoom meeting and potentially revealing your PJ bottoms to the assembled.

The display is deliberately not a touchscreen (see aforementioned coffee) but is operated via it’s own OS (Lumina OS) that’s compatible with Mac and Windows. It drives a collection of integrated apps to support common passive info like Google Calendar, Twitter feeds, and Slack convos. There’s an SDK as well.

Official pre-orders aren’t available yet, although interested parties can sign up for notifications through Lumina’s website as it moves closer to production.

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