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NYPD tests drones for emergency public announcements

Test was conducted in response to downpours and flooding.

After announcing it on Twitter, a police spokesperson confirmed to AM New York that New York City’s emergency notification system had tested the use of drones for public emergency notifications. Specifically, it was stated that the test was for “remote-piloted public messaging capabilites.” As Vice reported, this distinction is important due to 2020’s POST (Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology) Act would require the NYPD to “seek public comment, publish an impact statement, and use policy 90 days prior to deploying newly acquired surveillance technologies.”

The testing took place in Hook Creek Park in Queens, following a series of downpours that continued well after the test. While results of the test have been unconfirmed, the NYPD News Twitter account tweeted that drones were being tested to be used in case of an infrastructure outage, such as power or telecommunications failure. In such a case, drones would be used to “convey critical information & keep you connected with up-to-date info.”


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