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InfoComm 2023: What not to miss

Digital Projection comes on strong, Shure broadens the market for ceiling arrays, Macnica goes IPMX at this year's InfoComm

InfoComm 2023 is almost here, ready to show the latest and greatest in Pro AV. Here are just a few of the exhibitors that will be showcasing their latest innovations at InfoComm  June 10-16 in Orlando, FL.

Booth 1642: LG to Showcase Future of Digital Displays for Virtually Every Commercial Environment

LG’s InfoComm booth will demonstrate how the tech giant caters to the needs of various spaces, offering a wide range of pixel pitch options for both commercial and residential purposes, spanning from 0.68mm to 1.56mm, including models dedicated to virtual production. Even from outside the booth, visitors will take in the Digital Art Zone’s massive 272-inch LG MAGNIT 8K Micro LED display showing a variety of 8K footage that captures the beauty of the natural world. The rear side of the Digital Art display wall highlights additional opportunities for these spaces with a new 163-inch All-in-One DVLED display and a custom-designed digital sculpture that combines eight 55-inch transparent OLED displays, resembling a giant prism.

LG will demonstrate advanced display solutions for broadcasters, production studios and digital content creators in the Virtual Production Zone, with displays that allow for live-action footage to be shot against a realistic virtual backdrop. Attendees can learn how a virtual production studio works and how they are being used to dramatically increase media creation opportunities while reducing the cost of content production for film, TV and in-house corporate needs.


Booth 961: SiliconCore to showcase virtual production, active 3D, and high- resolution outdoor capabilities of LED at InfoComm 2023

SiliconCore will showcase three pioneering fine pixel pitch LED displays that are enabling advanced content delivery to propel virtual production, simulation, and outdoor digital signage applications into a new era at Infocomm 2023. SiliconCore’s 1.9mm XR LED Display, 1.2mm Modular LED Floor and High Resolution 1.2mm Outdoor LED Displays will feature partner use cases and content supported by Enhance, Virtalis, Colorlight, and 7 th Sense, all on Booth 961.

SiliconCore’s 1.9mm XR LED Display is enabling superior performance in broadcast and virtual production environments as the first LED display to achieve a 240Hz frame rate, ideal for slow-motion cinematography, multi-camera set-ups and fluid camera movements. On the SiliconCore booth, the display will be brought to life with generative content from interactive agency Inhance. A 16.4’ x 8.2’ SiliconCore 1.9mm XR LED Display studio wall running at 240hz will also be displayed on ColorLight Booth 443, demonstrating a multicamera shoot with each displaying different photo realistic environments at 60hz.



Booth 3842: Shure Introduces First-Of-Its-Kind MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array

To provide a seamless collaboration experience, the MXA902 is officially Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms when paired with the USB Audio Network Interface with Matrix Mixing (ANIUSB-MATRIX). The MXA902 and ANIUSB-MATRIX have undergone rigorous and comprehensive tests in lab and real-life environments. IT professionals and integrators can be certain that Shure continues to deliver only the highest standards in collaboration performance. Meanwhile, end users will enjoy premium audio in an easy-to-use conferencing experience.

The MXA902 is designed with Single Zone Automatic Coverage™ Technology, which covers a 20’ x 20’ space with minimal configuration needed, enabling users to easily and automatically capture the talkers they wish to hear while avoiding noise in other areas of the room. This feature is combined with a wide-dispersion 2.5” high-quality loudspeaker to deliver excellent sound capture and listening from one device. The MXA902 comes equipped with Shure’s onboard IntelliMix DSP, and can leverage Automatic Gain Control, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and Automatic Mixing to help deliver clear, crisp sound for all in-room and remote meeting participants.


Booth 3029: Digital Projection Unveils 0.9 Pixel Pitch MicroLED at InfoComm 2023

This 0.9mm offering hits the 4K imaging sweet spot at a 163-inch diagonal size. The EV Series extends up to a 2.5mm pitch, offering integrators options for other types of viewing requirements.

The MicroLED’s lightweight cabinet, which can be ordered with beveled edges, enables easy deployment and installation, and certain models in the DP line support 120Hz stereoscopic 3D applications. The display can be serviced from the front to streamline maintenance—essential for mission-critical applications that require minimal downtime—and ordered with redundant power supplies.

Booth 2954: Macnica Shifts into IPMX-Reality Mode for InfoComm

The M2S SDK is designed as a very simple and generic interface for real-time video streams. Ideal for developers of real-time AV over IP applications, the M2S SDK today enables the implementation of software-based ST 2110 systems on general-purpose servers, and visitors to Macnica’s booth (2954) can preview support for the emerging IPMX suite of standards. This versatility makes the M2S ideal for users that operate “All-IP” workflows across many variations, further empowered by Macnica’s “multi-gig” workflow capabilities across AV over IP networks ranging from 1Gb to 100Gb.



Booth 5751, Level 2: L-Acoustics Launches L-ISA 3.0

As audio professionals seek to leverage spatial audio technologies in live, professional, and consumer audio, L-ISA 3.0 mixing software makes immersive audio more accessible, delivering powerful tools that make it easier to create and automate compelling spatial audio content, live or in the studio.

“As consumer audio platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music continue to make spatial audio more ubiquitous, having the ability to create and perform in immersive is now a necessity and accessible to all — regardless of skill level or format,” explains Scott Sugden, Director of Product Management, Software, and Electronics, L-Acoustics. “The new L-ISA 3.0 platform brings more value to our immersive technology platform for those who’ve chosen to use it in their venues and for those who choose to create their content with it.”

Booth 4971: Discover RCF’s Audio Innovations at InfoComm 2023

The RCF team showcases a new level of audio empowerment at InfoComm 2023. Visit Booth 4971 and experience the latest collection of high-power sound systems, Business Music solutions, and installation products. Each product line is meticulously designed to deliver versatility and control.

Hear the groundbreaking performance of the new 6,000 Watt install subwoofer SUB 8029. The SUB 8029 features two hyper-vented, high-excursion 19” neodymium woofers with a 4” inside/outside voice coil, making it the most powerful RCF sub ever produced, delivering tight and controlled low frequencies down to 25 Hz with extreme linearity and astonishing speed.


Booth 2961: Listen Technologies to Exhibit at InfoComm 2023

ListenTALK from Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies will debut a new assistive listening system at InfoComm. The new system complies with all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and international compliance requirements and delivers exceptional audio clarity and intelligibility. Listen Technologies designed the system in response to customer, partner, and end-user feedback about assistive listening systems. It provides seamless audio access and can be used in multiple industries and settings.

For the second year, Listen Technologies will support AVIXA’s guided Show Floor and Integrated Experience Tours at InfoComm with ListenTALK. AVIXA selected the two-way communication system because it is reliable, easy to use, and delivers exceptional audio clarity, even in large, noisy spaces like convention centers.


Booth 2421: Platinum Tools Launches Cat6A PoE Type 4 Connector at 2023 InfoComm

“With the increasing need for higher performance and more power, Platinum Tools has come out with a tool-less connector that will satisfy both the Cat6A specification and meet the hefty requirements for PoE Type 4,” said Sean Rothermel, Platinum Tools product manager. “Our new Cat6A PoE Type 4 connector is rated up to 90W of power and running PoE across all four pairs. Whether it is for PoE lighting installations or for powering equipment on a production floor, this connector has it covered. This connector also features a simple two-piece design and only requires basic wiring tools to terminate and is compatible with cables ranging from 6.0mm to 8.5mm and conductor sizes of 26 AWG to 23 AWG. (Booth 2421)

Booth 5473: Introducing the Atellio Family

Introducing the Atellio Family Networked Sound, Easy

Imagine a flexible and scalable sound system. Modularity, flexibility, and sustainability were the main criteria when starting the design process, and this is evident when you zoom in on the various product ranges. You can go for a centralized approach in which you choose one of AUDAC’s robust next-gen matrix systems that excel in ease of installation and flexibility of use. These matrix systems represent top-notch features and performance, which additional software licenses can further expand. This way, you don’t pay for features you might not need at first, but if the situation changes, you can quickly access them without making hardware investments.

But at the same time, AUDAC is telling you that you don’t need a centralized installation for some applications. AUDAC believes in making each product more intelligent and powerful than ever. Every element comes equipped with the necessary processing power and unique features making them perfect to be used as a solution. This way of working allows for more flexible solutions with fewer products yet enables AUDAC to cover a broader range of solutions with a more compact and sustainable product range. (Booth 5473)

Booth 1781: Nanolumens and Smart Monkeys partner to bring Display Control with NanoSuite, Powered by ISAAC

Nanolumens has partnered with Smart Monkeys to bring you NanoSuite, Powered by ISAAC. For designers and system integrators, NanoSuite offers a powerful tool to control, monitor, and manage complex display systems. This partnership with Nanolumens and Smart Monkeys brings years of expertise and knowledge of controlling displays with reliable solutions.

“We have worked alongside Smart Monkeys on several complex projects which made them the perfect partner to help us tackle broader display management issues that plague our partners. For years, the industry has struggled with controlling large display systems both from an infrastructure and operational standpoint. When we designed NanoSuite we started by taking everything our partners loved and hated about managing displays and used that as the roadmap for development. The result is a tiered data approach that gives users the ability to monitor their Nanolumens display performance, control, and schedule displays, manage content, review historical performance, and troubleshoot from the single interface in a staggered way. This development provides system integrators a way to keep their NOCs clean and actionable but gain a significant amount of troubleshooting and response capability.,” says Brice McPheeters, Vice President of Product & Planning for Nanolumens. (Booth 1781)

Booth 4107: Marshall’s Compact 4K60 Camera, Now With NDI

Now with the latest NDI|HX3 codec, this Marshall camera announced May 23rd can be seamlessly incorporated into various streaming and production workflows. The CV420Ne is suitable for professional proAV and broadcast applications including AV streaming, remote contribution, podcasting, video collaboration and a range of proAV and UCC installations that require an ultra-high-quality networkable video source.

The new NDI|HX3 format requires slightly higher bandwidth than the previous NDI|HX2 but much less than is required for Full-NDI|HB. NDI|HX3 delivers similar low latency as Full-NDI at less than 100ms end-to-end and has video quality performance closer to premium Full-NDI where video quality is not lost from the camera source when sent over the network. Marshall will be showcasing this new addition to its camera lineup at InfoComm 2023 (Booth 4107).


Demo Room W224F: Q-SYS Introduces PL Series Performance Installation Loudspeakers

Q-SYS announces the PL Series, a portfolio of performance installation loudspeakers designed to enhance any Q-SYS system in a broad range of entertainment applications, including auditoriums, houses of worship, theaters, small sports venues and more. As a native Q-SYS endpoint, integrators can take advantage of the full-featured Q-SYS Control engine. Furthermore, enlisting Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager enables full remote monitoring and management from anywhere.

InfoComm attendees can hear the PL Series in action on June 14-16 at the Q-SYS Demo Room W224F in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. To sign up for a demo, please visit:


Chapin Theater and Booth 5751: L-Acoustics Reveals Exciting InfoComm Plans

As announced this week, topping the lineup of new offerings is the L-Acoustics L Series line source array, which visitors can experience in the 2,643-seat Linda W. Chapin Theater (Room W320, Level 3) of the Orange County Convention Center. With its patented Progressive Ultra-Dense Line Source (PULS) technology, L Series comprises two elements designed to work together or independently: L2 above and L2D below. One L2 or L2D element provides the same contour as four K2 elements in a format that is 46% smaller and 40% lighter.

Also being demoed at the Chapin Theater and shown on stand 5751 is the company’s new LA7.16 amplified controller. Following last year’s launch of the L-Acoustics LA7.16i for the installation market comes its sibling for the road. Delivering supreme flexibility to meet real-time power needs, the new model offers a level of efficiency and sustainability unheard of in modern touring applications.


Booth 4149: JVC Professional Video to Present Live IP Production System Solutions at InfoComm 2023

On display at InfoComm for the first time will be JVC’s new workflow solutions, which are the perfect way for budget conscious facilities to have access to high-quality switchers and controllers. Included among the equipment on display at InfoComm will be the company’s new KM-IP8 and KM-IP8S4 CONNECTED CAM vMix Studio Switchers, which can each manage a minimum of eight NDI inputs at 1080 60P using vMix 4K licensed software for Windows 11 Pro.

The company’s NDI-compatible KY-PZ510N PTZ CONNECTED CAM Cameras will also be featured at the show. These cameras now include the ability to utilize NDI|HX3 for the highest quality video with reduced latency at a fraction of the bandwidth of full NDI.


Magewell Bringing New Presentation, Streaming, and AV-over-IP Solutions to InfoComm 2023


Magewell will be featuring multiple AV-over-IP solutions at IC23.  The USB Fusion hardware and accompanying app, is designed to be more than just a multi-input video capture and mixing device, it offers powerful live presentation features to engage and impress both online and in-venue audiences. Users can easily combine camera, screenshare and media file sources into attractive layouts for online lectures, video conferencing, live event coverage and more. The results can be output over HDMI to local displays or captured via USB into popular software. Demos will highlight newly added wireless input capabilities including AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast.

Exhibiting in booth 2855, Magewell will also showcase its recently announced Eco Capture AIO M.2 ultra-compact video capture card with selectable HDMI and SDI interfaces, as well as their always-popular USB Capture series of plug-and-play, external video capture devices.


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