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Samsung working on LEDoS technology for VR and AR displays

Samsung believes the technology will prove superior to current OLEDoS displays

Last month at The Deep Tech Forum hosted by Korean publication The Elec, Samsung Display Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Team Gong Min Kim stated that they believe LED on silicon (LEDoS) microdisplay technology will become the chief technology used in VR and AR devices. Samsung believes in the technology so much that they have already begun development on LEDoS for AR displays.

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According to Kim, the current display utilized in AR devices, OLED on silicon (OLEDoS, or micro-OLED), has issues with brightness and form factor that can be remedied by implementing LEDoS instead. Kim further explained that current limitations to developing LEDoS involve getting the LEDs as small as possible while still maintaining their characteristics. In the past, it has been difficult to make LED chips smaller than 20 micrometers without having negative effects on their characteristics. Kim stated that Samsung Display is currently having positive results developing LED chips smaller than 10 or 5 micrometers.

At the Forum, LG Display agreed that LEDoS displays will become the dominant display in AR devices, though the technology is not currently ready. LG still believes that OLEDoS will still have a very bright future in VR devices, however. For reference, the display that has wowed testers in the Apple Vision Pro utilizes OLEDoS technology.


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