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Solid State Logic debuts two inexpensive USB desktop interfaces

The SSL 2 and 2+ are pitched at the amateur/consumer/home producer but could be an option for small school or church studios too. Or your home studio.


SSL has debuted the USB-based SSL 2 and 2+, to support desktop recording scenarios. Both units claim two “class-leading” mic preamps with 24-bit/192kHz conversion, balanced monitor outputs, a simple monitor mix control and a “Legacy 4K” mode that adds the analog sound of the company’s 4000-series consoles to your inputs.

SSL 2+

The differences between the two models are just really size. The base 2 model ($230) includes one high-current grade headphone output in a two-in, two-out arrangement. With the 2+ ($280) and you get a two-in, four-out interface with two headphone outputs. So that’s aimed at collaborative work, and provides extra unbalanced outputs for DJ mixers and MIDI I/O.

Both models are bundled with software including Native plugins. Here’s a video on how to get the software.

The Solid State Logic interfaces are more expensive than the ubiquitous Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 — originally reviewed here by my PSN colleague Strother Bullins; the whole Scarlett family is now in Gen 3 as of last summer (reviewed here by my MusicRadar colleague Jon Musgrave). Yet, this is a situation where more competitors could help grow a hot market even more. Also in this vein, the latest iteration of the NewTek Tricaster Mini UHD is another example that points to a growing world of possibility for individuals and small enterprises. It happened with words, it will happen with sound.

Here are SSL’s marketing videos for the new interfaces:

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