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Tools / Gadgets


LynTec XRL

Featuring Truecon connectors and a full 20 amps, this unit supports DMX lighting systems with less wiring. The standalone relay module comes in a 20-amp cube enclosure with two...


PTZOptics Link 4K 20x PTZ Camera

This camera comes with 4K/60fps with Dante AV-H enabled out of the box and also features SDI, HDMI, USB, and IP streaming outputs, which allows users to control and...


Review: Cardinal HDMI test set

I’m a test equipment kind of guy.  I want be able to measure and generate signals objectively, based on known parameters, rather than relying on the good graces of...


Ring Car Cam review roundup

Though most units aren’t expected to ship until May, the initial reviews for the Ring Car Cam have begun to roll in. Critics are slightly divided, as praise for...


Tech Roundup: Aerial Drones

From novel toys to valuable tools, drones have swiftly evolved to lift our view skyward, search for looming trouble in inaccessible places, chase criminals, and even save lives. Technology...


Bolin Technology Dante AV PTZ Camera

Bolin D412 is the world first Dante AV PTZ camera powered by Dante AV module and Bolin’s FPGA engineering design. This longstanding manufacturer (and veteran AV, OEM) is supporting...



This PTZ camera features an HDBaseT output for extending video, power, and camera control over long distances up to 330ft. The camera can be locally or remotely powered. The...


Tech Roundup: Drones 2020

Unmanned aerial vehicles have become a huge force in photography and surveillance. Their roles in these and other areas have expanded along with their performance specs such as lifting...


Tech Roundup: Furniture and Mounts 2020

Displays, controllers, routers and other current AV gear can do great things and empower their operators to maximize productivity but the proper arrangement and connection of these items isn’t...


What is WiGig?

WiGig supports the 60 GHz wireless transmission and beamforming propogation of AV data at multi-gigabit speeds over short distances up to 10 meters.


Starin PROAV Outfitters

AV distribution company Starin debuted ProAV Outfitters at InfoComm 2018, a new means of providing complete “deliverables.” More than a bundle of key components, it is cables, accessories, and...


Fleet Management

Control your fleet operations with Fleetio Manage, an all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes, whether you have 10 or 10,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment. The...

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