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Sonos introduces the Move 2

Sonos is calling the Move 2 its most powerful portable speaker ever.

After previously being leaked at the beginning of this month, Sonos has officially revealed their newest portable speaker, the Sonos Move 2.

As we previously reported, new to the Sonos Move 2 is true stereo sound, thanks to a pair of angled tweeters. A woofer helps bring out the low end, and all of these are powered by the device’s own class D amplifier. This is only one of the reasons Sonos is calling the Move 2 their most powerful portable speaker ever, though. In addition to an improved audio experience, the Move 2 comes with Sonos’ Trueplay tuning technology, which allows the speaker’s microphones to map the environment to optimize its playback.

Sonos is claiming the new speaker’s battery life has doubled over the original model, and packs up to 24 hours of audio on a single charge. The Move 2’s touch interface has been redesigned to be more in line with the recent Era 100 and Era 300 speakers, which include a new volume slider. Voice control is back, though there’s no support for Google Assistant, much like on the Era devices.

Sonos says the Move 2 is constructed with “shock-absorbent materials” to keep the device rugged and secure against any unfortunate drops or falls. Rated at IP56, the Move 2 is resistant to dust and dirt deposits, as well as splashes of water, though it isn’t advised to submerge the device.

The Sonos Move 2 will be available starting September 20th in a choice of black, white, or olive. The retail price will be $449, up from the original Move’ss $350 price tag.



The following was originally published on August 4th, 2023:

In an exclusive sneak peek, The Verge has revealed Sonos’ next upcoming portable speaker, the Sonos Move 2. Sonos seems to have kept everything that made the Move stand out in their product line, and implemented a number of enhancements. Chief among these are the upgrade to true stereo sound, as the Move 2 features two angled tweeters. Move 2 also improves on its predecessor by being able to play audio over an entire Sonos system via Bluetooth, which has been possible with other Sonos speakers, but not the Move. It also offers a beefier alternative to the Sonos Roam.

Sonos reveals Roam ultra-portable speaker

Battery life also gets a big boost, with the company stating a charge is good for 24 hours of audio, more than double that of its predecessor. The Move 2 will feature Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, with both able to be on simultaneously, unlike the original. Line-in is possible via USB-C with the help of an adapter, and voice assistance can be toggled on and off via a button on the back of the speaker. The Move 2 can also pull off the nifty trick of being able to charge external devices via USB-C. The speaker weighs in at a solid six pounds, sturdier than the vast majority of portable speakers on the market.

The Sonos Move 2 is reported to release at the end of September. Available in white, black, and olive, the Move 2 will retail for $449.

Considering Apple discontinued HomePod in 2021, is there an opening for Sonos to fill?

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