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WATCH: YouTubers build 43 inch, 100 pound “laptop”

The jury is still out on whether it is truly the "world's biggest," but it is certainly in the running.

Finding the perfect size laptop can be a tedious task. Too small, and it can be difficult to be as productive as possible if the keyboard is too tiny or if the small screen leaves your eyes straining to read. Too large, and things become heavy, cumbersome, and not as convenient as you’d like a laptop to be. What if, however, we decided to ditch all the silly ‘practical’ talk and wanted to push things to the absolute limit? YouTubers Evan and Katelyn have done just that, putting their engineering skills to the task of creating an absolute gargantuan 43-inch “laptop.”

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Evan and Katelyn documented their process in a YouTube video, wherein they build a fully-functioning 100 lb monstrosity. Starting with a metal frame with hinges capable of holding (and folding down) the 43 inch screen, the rest of the laptop housing is constructed of plywood. The actual computer portion of the laptop is an Intel NUC 11 mini CPU aimed at customization and those with a DIY attitude. The CPU runs off a 150W battery to make it truly wireless, with another identical battery present to power the giant screen.

In keeping with the larger-than-life theme, the keyboard is a massive Redragon K605, which dwarfs all standard keyboards on the market. For convenience, an extra large touchpad is installed to the right of the keyboard, so no external mouse is needed. As you would expect from any laptop, the screen folds down and locks in place to prevent any accidents, making this laptop actually “portable,” that is, if you can carry it. All in all, our mad scientists have created something truly impressive.

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