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WATCH: Youtuber spends $14,000 and countless hours building gargantuan keyboard

This fully-functional keyboard brings new meaning to "full-sized."


Youtuber Glarses has proven that a strong desire for revenge can have incredible results. After being denied the possibility to purchase Razer’s giant tenkeyless RGB keyboard they had made to show off at CES 2018, the British content creator decided to make his own. To one-up the PC peripheral giant, Glarses decided that his way-too-big keyboard would be “full sized,” meaning it would include a number pad and thus, have an edge on Razer’s novelty piece of gear.

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After spending over $14,000 in purchasing parts, countless hours of labor, and even fighting through a case of Covid to meet the deadline, Glarses’ keyboard came to fruition. Utilizing a 3D-printed casing for the frame, the Youtuber lubricated and soldered the 110 Novelkeys Big Switches that make up the gargantuan device, all while coming up with some creative last-minute solutions to several hurdles during construction.

The keyboard is fully functional, and Glarses has since shown off his creation in action via gaming videos and collaborations with friends.


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