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Zoom offers free replacements for MicTrak models experiencing RF interference

Only models assembled early in the manufacturing process seem to be affected

Following their recent release in December of last year, some users of the Zoom MicTrak series audio recorders are reporting RF interference issues with the devices. The issue has so far been isolated to a limited range of units made earlier in the manufacturing process, due to an assembly flaw. Zoom has released a statement acknowledging the issue, and is offering free replacements upon proof of purchase.

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Here is Zoom’s statement, which includes the affected serial numbers:

Following the release of the new MicTrak series (M2, M3, and M4) in December 2022, we received feedback that some recorders were experiencing RF (radio frequency) interference.

We investigated these reports and found that certain units from the initial pilot lot were affected by a flaw in the assembly process. The affected units are more prone to RF interference under specific circumstances.

Should you experience RF noise and your unit’s serial number (last four digits) falls within the range listed below, please contact your local Zoom Distributor for a free replacement.

Serial Number Range

M2 : 0002 – 1360
M3 : 0302 – 1096
M4 : 0007 – 0650

M2 : 0171 – 1290
M3 : 0101 – 1400
M4 : 0101 – 1800

M2 : 0371 – 0960
M3 : 0011 – 1010
M4 : 0311 – 1500

At Zoom, we strive for excellence and we value the creators who use our products.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


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