Analog Way Ascender 32

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Analog Way’s Ascender 32 – 4K is a powerful, multi-screen seamless switcher with 32 scalers and 12 seamless inputs with 42 input plugs: six HDMI, nine DVI-I, three Display-Port, 12 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and 12 universal analog. In addition to a native background layer, the Ascender 32 – 4K can display up to four true-seamless scaled layers plus one native background per output. Designed to support multi-output systems, the Ascender 32 – 4K is fully adaptable to videowall applications. It is equipped with four outputs that contain five output plugs including DVI Dual Link, HDMI 4K, and 3G/HD/SD-SDI. It can output a variety of formats and, within the confinement of the platform’s maximum bandwidth, adapt to any kind of videowall pixel aspect ratio through “Custom Output Formats.” This functionality allows the operator to define the output resolution for applications that may require a specific native format. To easily perform simple switching and operations from a single Crestron touchscreen, the Ascender 32 – 4K can be operated through the AW VideoCompositor by any non-technical person.



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