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Black Box Coalesce Professional

This enterprise-ready all-in-one videoconferencing and wireless presentation system lets remote teams collaborate like they’re in one room. It extends upon the functionality of the popular Coalesce Meeting Place Edition (MPE). Coalesce Professional does not use a dongle. Starting a meeting is easy through a single-click, browser-based login. Built-in videoconferencing eliminates the need to layer in a conference bridge that can degrade media quality. Remote team members can also enable real-time collaboration through cloud-based document editing. Security is supported with a configurable, robust multilayer protocol that includes high bit length encryption and a PIN option. It exists outside of the corporate network, so even if users log in from a public network, it will not compromise confidential company data. The system is infinitely scalable from the maintenance/monitoring perspective via its central management portal and from a budget perspective with its competitive pricing per unit.

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