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Crestron introduces Isys i/O Touchpanel Media Centers

As part of its new Isys i/O family of Touchpanel Media Centers, Crestron is introducing the TPMC-15 with standard 15" display and the 17" widescreen TPMC-17.

Crestron introduces Isys i/O Touchpanel Media Centers

Nov 23, 2004 4:49 PM

As part of its new Isys i/O family of Touchpanel Media Centers, Crestron introduces the TPMC-15 with standard 15″ display and the 17″ widescreen TPMC-17.

Erasing the line between touchpanel and computer, the 15″ and 17″ widescreen models of the Isys i/O family run the powerful and flexible Windows XP Embedded operating system behind the scenes to provide secure and reliable performance with full Web accessibility, unleashing native capabilities for surfing the Web, streaming digital media, viewing online documents and email attachments, and even desktop videoconferencing.

In addition to digital media, they also support viewing up to two external video sources simultaneously onscreen in independently scalable windows, or either one full screen. The picture quality is so impressive, a TPMC-15 or 17 could even be used as a video display in a kitchen, home office or anywhere else.

While providing full control of audio, video, security, lighting and temperature, Isys i/O eliminates the need for separate computers to accomplish routine online tasks like checking e-mail or looking up information on the Internet.

Their high brightness and contrast combine with a super wide viewing angle to deliver crisp, detailed images under all conditions. They integrate directly with all of Crestron CAT5 AV distribution systems.

Programmatic application control erases the lines between control system and PC, allowing programmers to customize each application’s behavior and tie PC commands to control system events to create a truly powerful and user-friendly interface. Touch a button or select from a custom menu and instantly launch your favorite Website, play your favorite streaming audio and video files or view a security Web Cam.

Both the TPMC-15 and TPMC-17 deliver great sounding audio from built-in high-powered biamplified speakers and a stereo headphone output. An integrated microphone is included on each as well to support 2-way intercom and conferencing.

A high-resolution RGB output is also included to allow the touchpanel image to be displayed on a plasma display or LCD.

For more information on Crestron’s new Isys i/O TPMC-15 and TPMC-17, visit

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