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Denon Lectern Active

The Denon Professional Envoi Orator amplified lectern with built-in speakers is the ideal problem-solver for all those presentation scenarios when you need powered PA sound coverage and just can’t risk depending on the facility to provide you with adequate PA capability. Use it for business meetings, award ceremonies, school assemblies, multi-media presentations—it’s perfect for hotels, churches, conference rooms, and convention centers. It features a bi-amplified 200-watt 2-way speaker system with five drivers and tone control, separate inputs for a microphone and external playback devices, a USB-powered lamp and a separate output to feed an external sound system or remote zone. There’s a 2-channel mixer with separate volume controls for CH1 and AUX inputs, to ensure that your presentations always sound great. It also features a rigid laptop tray, a two-tier shelf system for conveniently holding your presentation materials and two AC convenience outlets so you can connect any additional equipment you need to use.

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