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ENCO enCaption3R4

ENCO’s closed-captioning

enCaption system

is the company’s software-defined engine for cost-efficient speech-to-text voice recognition. Now in its fourth generation, enCaption3R4 adds the ability to distinguish between multiple speakers, further reducing the labor of live captioning. Like previous generations, the enCaption 3R4 system needs no respeaking, voice training, supervision, or real-time captioners, thereby eliminating human error. However, enCaption3R4 integrates a special algorithm with the intelligence to manage complex captioning situations where multiple subjects are speaking at once. enCaption 3R4 achieves this by isolating each speaker’s microphone throughout the live program. The system supports up to six independent microphone feeds, and the speakers’ names can be preconfigured based upon their assigned microphone position. Multi-lingual support is also built into the algorithm, and includes personalized and/or localized spelling capabilities to ensure greater accuracy.

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