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IFS Introduces 10/100Mbps Two-Port Ethernet Fiber-Optic Transceiver

IFS Introduces 10/100Mbps Two-Port Ethernet Fiber-Optic Transceiver

Dec 6, 2005 5:56 PM

IFS DE7200 Ethernet transceiver

GE Security, manufacturer of IFS fiber-optic transmission equipment, has announced the introduction of its DE7200 series two-port Ethernet fiber-optic transceivers. The IFS DE7200 Ethernet transceivers can transmit either 10Mbps or 100Mbps Ethernet data over multimode or single-mode optical fiber ports or electrical. Initially there will be five models within the series offering different multimode and single-mode optical ports. The DE7200 series Ethernet transceiver can be used for point-to-point transmission in systems utilizing the Ethernet protocol. This can be within an existing network or in facilities where no existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure exists.

“Transmitting Ethernet over fiber optics with this device has an effective range of up to 45km [28 miles]. That is far more effective than a Cat-5 structured cable wiring system, where the distance is limited to 300ft. per segment and requires additional equipment for extended distances,” says Steve Rutkowski, IFS product manager from GE Security. Applications such as corporate data networks, access control systems, Video over IP, and other systems requiring extended distance in transmitting Ethernet that can not be handled by Cat-5 cabling is where the DE7200 series will be the best solution.

“With the convergence of computer and data networking with modern security and ITS applications, consultants and dealers were looking for solutions from IFS, and we’ve responded to those request,” says Steve Carrozzo, director of IFS sales. “IFS Products will continue to support the industry as open architect standards such as Ethernet are adopted by more and more system manufacturers.” The introduction of this new product further reinforces GE Security’s commitment to the next generation of IP based security solutions.

The DE7200 can be used with any Ethernet transport system, but was designed to increase the usefulness of legacy products when used with the EtherNav managed switch in a VLAN. The DE7200 series is built to be environmentally hardened for use in harsh out-of-plant environments that are common with security and ITS applications and has an operating temperature range of between –40 degrees to 165 degrees (74 degrees C). The DE7200 is available in standalone or rackmount versions.

The unit features LEDs that help the installer easily identify operating status and data presence without the need for test equipment. Like all IFS products, the IFS DE7100 series features plug and play design that ensures easy installation without needing electrical or optical adjustments

All models of the EtherNav series are FCC and CE compliant and have an operating temperature range of between – 40 degrees to 165 degrees (74 degrees C). And like all IFS products, they are backed by an exclusive Comprehensive Lifetime Product Warranty.

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