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Extron Introduces Quantum Ultra II FOX3 Fiber Optic Cards that Deliver End-to-End Secure Videowall Systems

Extron is pleased to introduce the Quantum IN4FOX3 Series and Quantum OUT4FOX3 Series of input and output cards that facilitate integration of an Extron Quantum Ultra II videowall processor within a secure FOX3 distribution architecture. Each card offers four channels of connectivity. They incorporate exclusive technology to distribute pixel-perfect, uncompressed video up to 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 over two fibers or mathematically lossless 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 over one fiber. Ethernet to RS-232 insertion enables control data to be transmitted alongside the video when a bidirectional fiber configuration is employed. These cards also support embedded audio switching for a streamlined design. Four Quantum IN4FOX3 models and four Quantum OUT4FOX3 models are available, providing full compatibility with the entire FOX3 product family.

“We are excited to bring AV and control signal extension over fiber to our award-winning family of Quantum Ultra II videowall processors,” says Casey Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at Extron. “The new Quantum FOX3 input and output cards allow Quantum Ultra II to contribute to an entire FOX3 fiber ecosystem, giving our customers pixel-perfect images delivered at the speed of light.”

Quantum Ultra II videowall processors provide advanced connectivity and throughput capabilities. The expanded HyperLane video bus delivers unmatched real‑time performance with a throughput of up to 500 Gbps. The new fiber optic cards provide signal extension at extreme distances with no loss of signal integrity. The input and output cards support four channels of 4K/60 content at 4:4:4 with full HDCP 2.3 compliance, and 8K/60 sources can be accommodated as a quad-path signal. Embedded HDMI audio from any source can be routed to each active canvas. The processor can support multiple videowalls with mixed resolutions and screen orientations. Features such as portrait and landscape output support, output overlap, and custom output resolutions ensure compatibility with most displays. RS‑232, USB, and Ethernet interfaces provide direct connection to control systems.

For more information on the Quantum Ultra II FOX 3 Fiber Optic Cardsclick here.

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