New KVM extender from Thinklogical

Thinklogical VIS-34 fiber-optic KVM extension system is comprised of a transmitter device, which is co-located with the computer.
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New KVM extender from Thinklogical

Oct 11, 2006 4:39 PM

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The Thinklogical VIS-34 fiber-optic KVM extension system is comprised of a transmitter device, which is co-located with the computer or source machine, and a receiver device, which is co-located with as many as four DVI displays and desktop KVM devices. Five dedicated multimode fiber strands connect the transmitter to the receiver at distances up to 3,000ft.

The VIS-34 fiber-optic KVM extender is a complete solution for quad-head video applications. The video sources may be DVI, if the VIS-34 transmitter is used, or the receiver may be used with any combination of transmitters from Thinklogical. The system supports all common keyboard and mouse types (USB, PS2, and Sun legacy); USB tablets; and full-duplex stereo and audio.

The VIS-34 is a digital fiber-optic transmitter/receiver system. All video and HID signals from the computer source are digitized and converted to light at the transmitter. These optical signals are then sent to the VIS-34 fiber-optic receiver via five fibers. One fiber supports the video, and the other fibers support all other signals.

Upon receipt of the encoded data from the transmitter, the VIS-34 receiver converts the KVM signals back from optical to electronic standard connections. No external converter boxes are involved. All electronic conversion, remapping, and even international translation is supported. Everything you need to ensure compatibility between the computer and the user station devices is bundled into the VIS-34 system.

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