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Power-controlled Arena

The home of the Stony Brook Seawolves basketball teams is about to undergo a $21.1 million renovation, which includes a LynTec Remote Power Controller panel.

Power-controlled Arena

Aug 13, 2014 7:24 PM

LynTec’s RPC (Remote Power Controller) panel with motorized breaker technology has been applied to the multimillion-dollar renovation of Stony Brook University’s Stony Brook Arena. Using simple Web-enabled circuit control and reliable electrical protection, the cutting-edge athletics facility is able to power, protect, and easily manage the arena’s main audio system, scoreboards, and videoboards—creating one of the most advanced athletic and entertainment venues in the country.

Home to the Stony Brook Seawolves’ men’s and women’s basketball teams, the arena’s $21.1 million renovation is set to transform the venue into a 4,000-seat first-class facility, which will include luxury boxes, a VIP lounge area at the loge level, and new premium courtside seating for a variety of concerts, sporting competitions, and other large-scale events. To provide a performance-driven combination of advanced electrical protection and flexible third-party integration throughout the facility, a team of onsite integrators and designers turned to LynTec. The company’s RPC 342 panel, equipped with multiple motorized breakers, will bring automated power protection to the arena’s 23-amplifier audio system of 45,000W, two scoreboards, and two large videoboards. Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams designed the facility’s entire AV, broadcast, cabling, and distributed TV systems, and Advance Sound Company provided installation services.

“First installed in the ’70s, the arena’s original system featured direct power feeds without any type of motorization, resulting in current in-rushes every time the system was turned on,” said Thomas DePace, chief operations officer, Advanced Sound Company. “With the installation of a new world-class stadium entertainment system, Stony Brook needed an easy-to-use, fail-safe solution that would allow the activation of the arena’s entire range of amplifiers without causing any damage to the equipment. Considering LynTec’s track record for creating simple, flexible, and dependable electrical protection, the RPC was the obvious choice for this high-profile installation— allowing us to safeguard the entire system while enabling seamless Crestron control.”

The completely revamped Stony Brook Arena will be in full operation in Fall 2014.


LynTec RPC Panel

LynTec’s RPC panel combines the latest motorized breaker technology with Web-enabled circuit control to provide a complete platform for managing installed audio, video, and lighting systems. Featuring realtime monitoring down to the circuit level and the capacity to use multiple control protocols simultaneously, the panel allows smart-device access to load-specified switch-grade motorized circuit breakers—providing built-in auto-off brownout protection using controlled circuit breaker shutdown and restart, optional sequential circuit level on/off capabilities, and the ability to interface with third-party control systems via contact closure, TCP/IP, DMX, or RS-232.

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