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Adder Technology ADDERLink XD614

This series of point-to-point KVM extenders comprises the XD614, XD641, and XD642 models, with features such as single-, dual-, and quad-head connectivity; emulated USB, copper, and fiber support; MST functionality; visually lossless 4K/60 video; and ultra-low latency. Models include: ADDERLink XD614 KVM Extender, a quad-head KVM extender with inbuilt DisplayPort MST technology and HD resolution; ADDERLink XD641 KVM Extender, a single-head KVM extender designed to deliver 4K/60 KVM extension over a copper or fiber link; and ADDERLink XD642 KVM Extender, a dual-head 4K/60 KVM extender with emulated full and high speed USB2.0 and support for audio.

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