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Tech Roundup: Outdoor AV 2021

Outdoor AV applications are on the rise, both video and audio. Performance expectations rise along with that. Here are some of the options for AV that can stand up to the elements and deliver the fidelity needed to overcome outdoor conditions.

The AMK DS84-B-X is a Dante audio network addressable and self-amplified ceiling speaker system. The weather and water-resistant speaker is powered by PoE+ network switch, so no external power supply is required, plus it includes a Class D amplifier. The audio network system is also compatible with AES67, which makes it flexible with other audio network systems. The network system is also Dante Domain Manager Ready. The system comes with an 8in. coaxial 40W loudspeaker driver, the CX802, that has excellent dispersion, wide bandwidth, and a smooth frequency response, ideal for overhead commercial applications.

The commercial-grade, all-weather outdoor digital signage display enclosures that are part of the Apollo’s affordable Apollo PRO-X line offer ultra-high bright (1500-4000) nit outdoor applications for 49- to 75-inch ultra-bright displays in portrait and landscape. All-aluminum, powder-coated, and anti-reflective. Tight-Seal Technology combines with thermostatically controlled and filtered multi-fan air-flow system to protect from temperatures ranging from -4 degrees to 122 degrees F, in addition to rain, dust, and insects. The power cable is 9ft. outdoor rated; signal cables are protected by a watertight cover entrance (or choose direct conduit for both). Weatherproof articulating or non-articulating wall mounts are also available.

outdoor speakers atlasIEDTo withstand the harshest environments, AtlasIED Strategy Series SM63T surface mount speakers are constructed of weather-resistant materials: UV-resistant, talc impregnated, polypropylene injection molded cabinets; polypropylene woofer cones; powder-coated aluminum grilles, and all brass hardware. The Strategy Series speaker systems include a versatile C-bracket designed to provide easy vertical or horizontal installation on just about any surface, though care should be taken to prevent the SM63T from being exposed to direct precipitation. The design provides smooth, even sound coverage (120°H x 120°V). The high-frequency section is symmetrical, for equal coverage in both vertical and horizontal cabinet mounting positions.

outdoor speakers boseThe Bose Panaray 802 Series IV installed sound-reinforcement loudspeaker is a cost-effective solution that features a Weather-Rated Design that makes it a good choice for harsh outdoor installed sound-reinforcement environments. It features a full-range driver array, eliminating the need for tweeters and crossovers, and the Articulated Array design, with wide 120° x 100° coverage, can reduce the number of required loudspeakers, while the 52-Hz low- frequency range can reduce the need for subwoofers. Additionally, it has a 123 dB peak SPL for sound-reinforcement and foreground music.

The Bose ArenaMatch Utility compact loudspeakers were designed as a turnkey solution for entire outdoor sound installations; the range includes both array and utility loudspeaker options for consistent zone-fill coverage and easier equalization of complete systems. Designed and built for zone-fill coverage or high-SPL foreground music, the four new Bose ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers (AMU208, AMU206, AMU108 and AMU105) feature similar tonal balance to ArenaMatch DeltaQ array modules but in compact designs. They have the same EMB2S compression driver as ArenaMatch arrays and the same IP55 weather rating. Users may deploy them for zone-fill coverage in sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor entertainment centers, and more. Or they may be utilized to provide intelligible, high-level sound in any outdoor area — from niche venues such as breweries and fairgrounds to larger settings like resorts and outdoor shopping centers. These speakers provide wide, even coverage via a constant-directivity high-frequency horn, which can be rotated for horizontal or vertical installation. The largest model (AMU208) features 70 Hz – 18 kHz frequency range and 126 dB maximum peak SPL, with all models supporting the lowest vocal range. ArenaMatch Utility modules can mount easily with included stainless-steel U-bracket. ArenaMatch loudspeakers also integrate with Bose PowerMatch amplifiers, ControlSpace DSPs and ControlSpace Designer software, which simplifies setup and monitoring, saving users time with loudspeaker presets for EQ, limiter and crossover settings.

outdoor speaker community proThe Community Professional R.35- 3896- EN from Biamp is a high performance, compact loudspeaker for fill and supplementary areas in larger venues, and for smaller venues wanting to conform to EN54 standards. With outstanding voice and music quality, the R.35- 3896-EN is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of applications, including background and foreground music and announcement systems. The R.35- 3896- EN is a fully horn-loaded triaxial three-way, full-range loudspeaker system, designed to provide high-quality voice and music reproduction that can be clear even at swimming pools, stadiums, cruise ships, theme parks, and more. Featuring Community’s MultiSource Waveguide horn design, the output from the dual midrange compression drivers and 1-inch exit HF driver are combined into a single time-coherent source, resulting in excellent musicality, intelligibility, and dispersion consistency.

outdoor speakers crestronIn addition to excellent speech intelligibility and full, rich music reproduction, Crestron Saros SR6T-B-T-EACH speakers deliver solid, weatherized construction and other features that ensure years of reliable performance. The Saros SR6T model is a 2-way surface-mount speaker featuring a 6.5- inch woofer and a horn-loaded 1-inch dome tweeter. A built-in 60 Watt multitap transformer allows for use with 70 and 100 Volt distributed speaker systems. Power handling at 8 Ohms is 150 Watts (program), with a frequency range from 70 Hz to 18 kHz (-10 dB). Its weatherized construction allows for use in outdoor entertainment venues, decks, patios, locker rooms, and swimming pools. Additionally, a weather boot is included to protect the wiring connections from moisture.

outdoor speakers danleyDanley Sound Labs’ OS12CX is a high output, fully weatherized outdoor loudspeaker in an ultra-compact box. The OS12CX features a coverage pattern that’s 90 degrees conical, an operating range of 69Hz -21.7kHz +/-3dB, and an output of 124 dBSPL program/127 dBSPL peak. It’s constructed of a thermal molded poly-composite and includes a heavy-duty aluminum mounting bracket and angle strap, making it ready for tough environments including sports venues like hockey rinks and swimming pools, and entertainment venues like cruise ships, race tracks, and water parks.

Designed for the outdoor installation market, the “DX” finish of the D.A.S. Audio WR-64120DX protects the cabinets from the elements thanks to a fiberglass exterior and ISO-flex interior protection, augmenting their weather resistance when used in direct exposure situations. Stainless steel threaded rigging points and optional mounting hardware are also available. The WR-6412-DX employs a single 12AV woofer for low-frequency reproduction. A M-75 compression driver with 3in. titanium diaphragm attached to a 60-degree x 40-degree rotatable horn provides exceptional highfrequency reproduction. The birch plywood cabinet construction offers an ultracompact design and is available in black or white.

Designed for outdoor use, the Draper Nocturne projection screen is available in a motorized version (Nocturne Series E) or as a crank-operated model (Nocturne Series C). Both are equipped with a weather-resistant solid aluminum head box that includes an installation hinge. They ship in sizes from 65in. to 133in. diagonal with standard cable guides and a weighted dowel. Among the surfaces that can be specified are Matte White, Contrast Grey, ClearSound Perf, ClearSound White Weave, and ClearSound Grey Weave.

outdoor speakers EAWCompact design and several mounting options make the EAW Commercial SMS3 (black) and SMS3W (white) compact two-way loudspeakers ideal for use in business music systems. The woofer is a high-excursion, carbon fiber design. The mylar dome tweeter is mounted on a constant directivity horn to provide natural, smooth sound reproduction and high resistance to weather. Installation of the SMS3 is fast and efficient using the accompanying adjustable wall-mounting bracket. Four M6 threaded inserts add to the speaker’s flexibility. Connections are made to recessed color-coded, spring-loaded terminals. Wattage taps, voltage adjustments, and 4-ohm operation are selectable by means of two detented rotary switches. The enclosure is constructed of high density, scratch-resistant polystyrene and includes a protective perforated steel grille and connection cover.

outdoor speakers EVThe Electro-Voice EVID-P6.2 loudspeaker system is a complete two-way pendant loudspeaker. The package consists of a bezel assembly, magnetic grille, rear enclosure, 6.5-inch coax two-way loudspeaker and internal linematching transformer. The loudspeaker features a titanium dome tweeter. It is UL1480A and CSA C22.2 certified for indoor installations and protected outdoor installations. The EVID-P6.2 loudspeaker utilizes a 2nd order crossover network with a comprehensive protection circuit to protect the network, woofer, and tweeter drivers from excessive power levels. The EVID-P6.2 loudspeaker utilizes a transformer that offers a selection of 1.88 (70-V only), 3.75W, 7.5W, 15W or 30 watts delivered to the loudspeaker system using either 70-V or 100-V lines, or 8 ohm bypass. Selection is via a convenient switch on the front baffle, easily accessible by removing the magnetic grille.

Elite Screens, MosicGo (Movie Music Power Go) 360 System bundles a UST projector with the Elite Yard Master2. The package incorporates the MosicGO portable outdoor DLP, LED UST projector (with optional built-in battery). The set includes a free-standing tripod and Yard Master2 (OMS58H2) 58” folding-frame, outdoor projection screen, plus wireless speakers and power source. All can be carried and set up by one person. The included MosicGo projector by Elite Projector is a line of stand-alone portable outdoor UST projectors that feature a 3-in-1 design. The bundled DLP projector is a 1000 lumen Osram LED (20,000-hour lamp life) ultra-short throw (UST) projector with a native full HD with 20,000:1 contrast ratio. It is IPX2 certified against water droplet ingression. The built-in Hi-Fi sound system can be used to amplify other audio devices. Wireless speaker connectivity allows end users to wirelessly stream audio though the projector’s 2 x 8w (75Hz-20KHz) wireless stereo speakers. With the integrated power source comes a USB TypeA charging port and a USB-C video/charging port to accommodate cell phones, laptops, and tablets while sharing photos and videos at the same time. An adjustable tripod support and a power cord with (US) Type-B, 15A 3-prong power connection included. The ultralight telescopic tripod attaches easily with the projector to provide ground clearance with variable height settings. The bundled Yard Master2 OMS58H2 is a fast folding and free-standing portable outdoor frame projection screen with a 58” size in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Holosonics Audio Spotlight AS-24i offers the strongest output and deepest lowfrequency response of all models. It is designed to compete with noisier environments or areas requiring more coverage, making it great for museums, trade shows, supermarkets, outdoor applications, and many retail environments. It easily replaces standard 2x2ft. ceiling tile with no additional hardware. It includes a built-in microSD player, and balanced and unbalanced audio inputs are standard. Bluetooth and motion sensor options are available, and it has a standard VESA100 mounting pattern.

A two-way, high-output monitor speaker, the JBL Control 31 features a highly outdoor capable design with its included WeatherMax multi-layer grille, plus optional marine-kit grille for salt-air environments. The enclosure material features high impact polystyrene (HIPS) with 10 percent glass fill plus patentpending internal 5mm foamed polyurethane secondary mold for additional cabinet density. The grille is a zinc-plated and thermoset-composite coated steel, with WeatherMax multilayer foam with a tight-weave mesh vapor barrier. The high-output 2414H-C compression driver has a 25mm exit, and patented design and high-temperature polymer diaphragm. It offers extended bandwidth, extremely smooth frequency response, with 110 degree x 110 degree symmetrical coverage

The Leon Boundary B115LX from Leon Speakers comprises one 5” outdoor aluminum cone woofer for durability and performance and 1” aluminum/magnesium dome tweeters designed to maintain audio accuracy and imaging in outdoor use. Available in matte black, matte white, and custom colors with a UV resistant finish. Everything from the marine-grade driver to the perforated metal grill to custom mounting brackets is made in America.

outdoor speakers terraIn 2018, Leon acquired Maine-based Terra Speakers and their product range including the popular Terra AC line of outdoor speakers and sub. The modern, angular Terra FIVE outdoor range has been influenced by the acquisition. The FIVE line consists of Terra’s all-climate UniCavity enclosure models, designed to withstand continuous exposure to the elements. The FIVE’s modern, angularly molded Polypropylene enclosures keep the elements at bay, and reduce sonic distortion. The line includes three sizes of speakers and a sub. The 50, 50-MT, and 50 MTM are all supported with 5.25” cast frame woofers (two in the MTM). The MT and MTM incorporate Terra’s unique 1.1” inverted Titanium dome fluid cooled tweeter with a computer-optimized crossover; they are available as 70Volt with a switch for 8W, 16W, 32W, 64W taps or 8 ohm. All three speakers are designed with color to permeate all the way through. Connection is a watertight 4-foot pigtail; a universal mounting bracket eases installation. The sub is a waterproof, partial-burial unit. Its ACAD™ (Anodized-Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragm) cone is stiff, responsive and element-proof. The driver’s motor structure includes a large ceramic alloy magnet and a vented 2-inch aluminum edge wound voice coil. Its surround is a half-roll rubber composite that’s also impervious to the elements including salt spray and chlorine mist (as is the rest of the system).

outdoor speakers lowellThe Lowell OS-150-TB is a 150W indoor-outdoor loudspeaker made for applications requiring pattern control. The horn-loaded compression driver controls high-frequency dispersion for systems requiring longer throws or using live microphones. The enclosure is a weather-resistant, UV-resistant polypropylene that can be painted to suit the installation’s needs. The grille is a weather and UV-resistant powder-coated aluminum mesh grille in black. An adjustable, black, U-shaped bracket for horizontal or vertical installation allows the speaker to rotate 90 degrees, depending on install orientation.

The LG XE4F models are slimmer, lighter and higher-brightness (4000 nits) in 55- and 49-inch options with HDBaseT connectivity. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted depending on ambient light, increasing during the day for better visibility and decreasing at night or in the shade for efficient power management. Quarter Wave Plate technology enables clearer visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses. The displays are IP56 certified as waterproof and weatherproof; they are IK10 certified helping to assure protection from external impacts, and the glass is replaceable. The series features a high operating temperature range from -22°F to 122°F. The XE4F series is supported by LG’s webOS Signage smart platform.

The Martin Audio CSX118-WR is a compact, high-performance subwoofer that extends the low frequency operating range of the combined system to 35Hz. It features a long-excursion 18in. /4in. voice coil driver with a water-resistant cone and triple roll surround in a compact reflex enclosure. The design of the 18in. driver maximizes output while minimizing power compression and distortion, and the four reflex ports have a large frontal area to reduce turbulent air noise at very high levels. The enclosure is constructed from high-density MDF, and its perforated steel grille is pre-curved to withstand physical damage.

The MirageVision Platinum Series 55in. outdoor televisions are equipped with a proprietary software-driven, internal video processor/ scaler (MVVP), which enhances the TV’s brightness, color, sharpness, contrast, image depth, and picture clarity, which provides the best possible picture image when used in outdoor direct sunlight viewing. The Platinum Series is built for outdoor use: the cabinet has been sealed; there are rear guard breath vents, moistureresistant internal circuitry, and a water-resistant input cabinet; plus a UV sealer on the outside of the cabinet and enhanced backlight and contrast provide increased brightness/visibility outdoors. When combined with the company’s Backyard Portable Outdoor TV Cart, it becomes a wireless, portable unit that allows for movement and multiple viewing options.

With pixel spacing options of 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6.2mm, and 7.8mm, NEC S[quadrat] Q-Series provides an optimum display resolution regardless of viewing distance. The S[quadrat] Q-Series outdoor dvLED is ideal for live event venues, DOOH, airports, and train and bus stations. Low power consumption and less heat dissipation make Q-Series an environment-friendly option, and a high efficiency LED chip plus black mask provide a high contrast ratio.

In April, Peerless-AV announced the launch of the newest addition to its expanding line of all-season outdoor TVs, the 86” UltraView Outdoor TV. The 86” UltraView UHD Outdoor TV operates at a temperature range of -22°F to 122°F and is fabricated with materials that provide protection against various climates, corrosion, and discoloration. The 86” Ultra-View UHD Outdoor TV exclusively includes a dedicated Outdoor Flat Wall Mount to provide a secure installation.

Peerless-AV has also been exhibiting the Peerless-AV UltraView UHD Outdoor TV at industry events throughout the year. An allseason solution for outdoor entertainment, it is all-weather rated, maintenance-free, has an operating temperature range of -22°F to 122°F, and is equipped with a High TNI panel allowing for direct sunlight and readability from any angle. It pairs with the Peerless-AV Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar.

The PixelFLEX FLEXStorm is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and provide a dependable outdoor LED display option. FLEXStorm can be used as outdoor advertising, entertainment, and more. Displays can be updated from anywhere with the click of a button using cloud-based content management. The IP-65 fully-rated outdoor product is key to guaranteeing the longevity of an outdoor LED display billboard. FLEXStorm has brightness offerings between 6500-7500 Nits, providing variable brightness for any condition day or night. It is fully adjustable to the surrounding outdoor conditions via sensors that talk with the screens, control system, making sure the screen looks best at all times of the day. FLEXStorm utilizes data and power connections that are fully water tight, allowing for stable and reliable connections between each outdoor LED display cabinet.

In September, Planar announced the Planar HRO Series high-resolution outdoor LED video walls, an ultra-high definition video wall series. The Planar HRO Series expands the company’s portfolio of LED display solutions with a high brightness, fine pixel pitch LED offering that is built for close-up daylight video viewing, even in direct sunlight. The series features some of the finest pixel pitches available for outdoor LED displays at 1.5 millimeter and 1.9 millimeter (paired with 3,500-nit brightness and a 16:9 aspect ratio). The displays are built to endure the weather with LED treatments designed to protect from ultraviolet rays, dust, water and casual contact. Protective plates on the backside of the displays cover cables and mechanics. The displays enable wall-mounted or stacked installations and feature full front service for simplified maintenance. The launch of Planar HRO Series also introduces Planar HRO Complete, a line of pre-packaged outdoor LED video walls available in 130-inch, 174-inch and 217-inch and 260-inch diagonal sizes in resolutions from Full HD to 4K. The units include display, controller, cables, trim and wall mount; optional floor stands and hanging mounts are also available.

The Platinum Tools Waterproof RJ45 Coupler System was designed for installs where ethernet connections need ruggedized protection due to exposure to water, dust, corrosion, harsh elements, and vibration. It is rated to IP67 to meet harsh environmental conditions commonly found in outdoor and indoor installs, such as wireless towers, security systems, outdoor entertainment venues, industrial manufacturing, LED lighting, emergency communications, marinas, and more. It works with RJ45 (8P8C) connectors, for UTP and STP applications. The PreSonus WorxAudio I/O-4 is a small-format, high-performance soundreinforcement system designed for indoor and outdoor applications where music and speech reinforcement are specified. Its small size and unique appearance make it ideal for restaurants, retail environments, bars, hotels, and other applications where high-quality music systems are specified. A standard mounting bracket provides flexible aiming and easy installation. The versatile I/O-4 utilizes a dual-element array of high-output, 4-inch (101.6 mm) woofers. Its horn-loaded high-frequency waveguide is positioned between the two elements to ensure a coherent and balanced high-frequency response.

The Protective Enclosures Company TV Shield PRO Portrait Touch is a weatherproof digital signage solution designed for wayfinding, interactive movie theater posters, menu boards, and more. It is a weatherproof, secure outdoor touchscreen display and weatherproof TV enclosure that is made in the U.S. Combining the company’s TV Shield PRO Portrait enclosure and its IP-65 rated IR touch frame, the TV Shield PRO Portrait Touch can be used with any flatscreen TV, completely enclosing it to turn it into an indoor or outdoor interactive touch screen. Featuring tough metal housing that encases the screen and a high-strength, shatter-resistant, anti-glare polycarbonate front shield, this water-resistant interactive display solution eliminates the risk of having to replace an expensive outdoor touchscreen TV or interactive digital sign if the screen breaks.

outdoor speakers qscThe QSC AD-S12 is a 12-inch weather treated woofer with a 1.4-inch compression driver and 75 degrees of conical DMT coverage, which ensures smooth, uniform frequency response over the coverage area. AD Series loudspeakers are qualified for outdoor use using demanding tests for salt, fog and humidity, and have been tested to QSC internal temperature standards between -20 degrees and 50 degrees C. Additionally, the X-Mount system enables the loudspeaker to be easily installed and deployed at a variety of angles with no slippage over time.

The RCF P6215 is a weatherproof full range, wide-dispersion, coaxial two-way loudspeaker system for high-output and long-throw applications. The high-frequency section is a constant directivity CMD horn loaded to a 1.3in. RCF Precision compression driver with a 2.5in. diaphragm assembly for smooth, wide dispersion. The low-frequency transducer is a 15in. woofer with a 3in. voice coil. The cabinet is equipped with 12 M10 brass inserts, a stainless steel U-bracket and pair of spacers for 90-degree mounting. The cabinet is a single piece, rotational moulded in medium density polyethylene, fully UV protected, and is waterproof to IP 55 code.

The MSE Audio Rockustics Cherry Bomb is a direct-burial landscape speaker. It features a patented three-way, dual-chamber, design. This design puts the subwoofer in the same cabinet that houses the midrange and tweeter, in an effort to avoid phasing issues and simply installation and performance. It’s an 8 Ohm speaker with a frequency response of 42 Hz – 22 kHz, and a maximum program power of 100 watts.

In September, Samsung introduced the newest product in its outdoor LED display portfolio, the XPR-B, a flexible, all-in-one display solution for a variety of small and medium-sized businesses including schools, local entertainment complexes, quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) and hospitality. Dubbed the ‘LED in a Box’ the XPR-B comes complete with a simple, web-based content management solution allowing business owners, restaurateurs and administrators to disseminate important information quickly. Simple installation is based on a unibody cabinet structure. The display claims clear picture quality with visibility in all conditions. The display offers multiple operational safeguards to prevent errors and interruptions and features a new, more efficient power supply that comes with a back-up built in so the display will never lose power and shut-down. The XPR-B joins Samsung’s growing portfolio of XPR displays, which includes the XPR-S, a solution developed for professional sports and customers that need max brightness, and the XPR-E, meant for customers who do not require prolonged periods of max brightness. Using the same technology behind the popular XPR-E modules and components, the XPR-B comes in two sizes – 1m x 2m and 1.5m x 3m – with each size available in single and double face and in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm pitch. The display’s low profile design and 5.9” depth creates a more aesthetically pleasing display while the front ventilation removes side and rear airflow clearance requirements.

In August, Severtson Screens announced a partnership with CES+ to provide projection screens for CES+’s new InstaCinema inflatable outdoor cinema screen. Now available for order, InstaCinema was designed for use in large open outdoor venues, such as fields and parking lots. It is fabricated utilizing durable PVC material and is available in 20ft. and 40ft. standard widths and a 2.2 gain; larger sizes are projected in the near future. The InstaCinema screen also comes with: blower, tarp, mallet, anchors, ropes and patch kit; the company estimates installation and teardown at 30 minutes.

outdoor speakers sonanceThe Sonance Professional Series SurfaceMount speakers feature Sonance’s FastMount bracket and a front cable connection and tap selector to speed up the installation process and provide a clean appearance. The weather-resistant construction is IPX4, Mil Spec 810, and UV IEC 529, allowing them to be used in either indoor or outdoor applications. They are available in both black and white (paintable) in 4in., 5.25in., 6.5in., and 8in. 2-way and an 8in. woofer with UL 1480 and UL 2239 certification.

outdoor speakers soundtubeThe SoundTube Entertainment IPD-XT850 from MSE Audio is an 8-inch, two-way, PoE outdoor loudspeaker with Dante-functionality. The two-way outdoor 360-degree loudspeaker carries a 40-watt PoE amplifier and is designed for easy installation on IP-addressable Dante networks. The frequency response is 38 Hz – 22 kHz with 101.0 dB maximum SPL. The sealed, in-ground enclosure is designed to support low-end response and 360-degree off-axis performance. The IPD-XT850 is IP55 approved, AES67 compatible, and includes anti-theft brackets and water-tight strain relief. It’s pitched at full-range background/foreground music and paging.

The SunBriteTV Pro Series Model is designed for permanent outdoor installations, featuring EST Technology to guard against isotropic blackout and an ultra-bright 1,000- NIT panel that provides high readability in any lighting. The 32in. Pro Series model is durable, with its ruggedized, tempered glass shield to protect the LED screen and watertight cable entry systems. All Pro Series displays are equipped with a powder-coated aluminum exterior to protect against rust and prevent inclement weather conditions, including rain, snow, dust, salt corrosion, and insects from affecting internal electronics. SunBriteTV’s Pro Series is designed to perform in temperatures from -40 degrees F up to 122 degrees F.

outdoor speakers yamahaA blend of aesthetic simplicity and functional sophistication, the Yamaha VS6 delivers high-quality sound in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. With a 6.5in. woofer, the VS6 features a 1in. balanced dome tweeter and is available in black or white. Its waterproof construction meets the IEC60529 IPX3 rating requirements for outdoor usage. Internally mounted transformers allow operation in 70V or 100V distributed sound systems, while a dedicated, color-matched steel U-bracket is enclosed for horizontal or vertical installation.

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