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TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE: 4K Flatpanel Displays

The Aurora Multimedia VLX Series provides one of the most advanced IP streaming solutions on the market, utilizing Aurora’s IPBaseT technology, which synergizes various IP/A standards to work together as one. It’s the industry’s first 4K UHD transceiver with only 1.5 frame (25 ms) latency and visually lossless compression. Using a transmitter (encoder) and receiver (decoder), respectively, used to be the standard—until now. The VLC-TC1 Series can be set up as either one to make installation, inventory, and troubleshooting easier. This product was the first to use Dante and reversible USB2.0 to further enhance the capabilities, and it’s available in box and plate versions.

For professional integrators who spend hours designing AV systems in front of a computer screen, BenQ has introduced the PD3200U 32in. 4K Designer Monitor. The Technicolor display is packed with robust features to maximize workflow efficiency and ensure stunning color precision. The PD3200U features 10-bit depths of color, 100-percent sRGB and Rec. 709, and three premium display modes. For installation drawings, the CAD/CAM mode offers superior contrast on lines and shapes of technical illustrations, bringing out the even the finest details. For video post-production applications, the Darkroom Mode adjusts the brightness and contrast of images giving clarity and sharpness to details, creating the optimal setting for work in darker post-processing environments. And the Animation mode provides 10 levels of display brightness to enhance details in dark shadows. Additionally, with BenQ’s Eye-Care technologies, users enjoy enhanced visual comfort and reduced eyestrain for long hours of screen viewing.

Biamp Systems’ TesiraLUX introduces low-latency, 4K-networked video capabilities to the Tesira ecosystem with the addition of AVB/TSN-enabled video encoders and decoders. This groundbreaking solution transports both audio and video signals over a single network through the reliability of AVB/TSN.Tesira,withTesiraLUX,istheonly network AV solution on the market today that can handle both audio and video processing. The TesiraLUX product line includes an AVB videoencoder(TesiraLUXIDH-1)andan AVB video decoder (TesiraLUX OH-1). The encoder features one HDMI port, one DisplayPort port, and two mic/line-level analog inputs. The decoder includes one HDMI port and two line-level analog outputs.

Blackmagic Design’s Video Assist 4K is a portable, all-in-one professional monitor and video recorder that can be used to add professional recording and monitoring to any SDI or HDMI camera. It works with every type of camera from DSLRs to older tape-based camcorders, and even the latest digital film cameras. It also features a bright, high-resolution 7in. monitor for checking focus and framing, two high-speed recorders for non-stop HD and Ultra HD recording, two extremely high-quality XLR microphone inputs for professional audio recording, a built in speaker, and more.

Christie Digital’sFHQ842-T delivers exceptional image quality, robust touch capability, and performance at an affordable price. Designed for deployment in boardrooms and meeting rooms, these 84in. large-format UHD panels are well equipped with 10-point multi-touch capability, built-in speakers, and future proofed with an OPS slot. The value of these flatpanels is rounded out with Christie’s service and support. This isacommercial-gradeflatpanel designed for high-usage applications with high-accuracy infrared touch technology fully integrated into the design.

DVI Gear’s DisplayNet is an awardwinning new concept for AV distribution that leverages proven 10GbE Ethernet technology to switch, extend, and distribute uncompressed AV signals in realtime with resolutions up to 4K (UHD). DisplayNet delivers scalability, versatility, and reliability with zero frame latency, compression, and artifacts. DisplayNet supports a wide range of applications including point-to-point extension, limitless matrix switching, videowall display and MultiViewer.

The Epson Pro L1505U large-venue projector integrates a laser-light source with inorganic phosphor wheel, and inorganic LCD panels for powerful, uncompromising image quality, and up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation, including 24/7 applications. Delivering 12,000 lumens of color brightness and 12,000 lumens of white brightness, the Epson Pro L1505U projector featuresnative WUXGAperformancewith Epson 4K Enhancement Technology, as well as exceptional integration capabilities including diverse connectivity such as HDBaseT and nine optional powered lenses with lens shift and lens memory.

Kramer’s VIA Campus offers advanced collaboration and engagement tools that enhance interactive learning in education and corporate training environments. From any laptop or mobile device, students and teachers can view the main display, edit documents together in realtime, share any size file, and turn the main display into a digital whiteboard. VIA Campus can show up to six user screens on one main display or up to 12 screens on two displays. VIA Campus is also equipped with a 4K-UHD output for presenting 4K-UHD content to compatible 4K-UHD displays. The solution features iOS mirroring for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, and Android mirroring (Lollipop OS 5.0 or newer). Remote students can easily join the class and collaborate in realtime with embedded third-party video conferencing and office apps.

The NEC X841UHD-2 changes the 4K/UHD game by delivering a rich 84in. screen with a native resolution of 3840×2160 equipped with NEC’s SpectraView engine—a custom-designed color processor to ensure accurate color calibration. This makes the X841UHD-2 perfect for a variety of applications in command and control, retail, CAD/CAM design, video conferencing, rental and staging, and simulation. Designed for 24×7 use, the X841UHD-2 features a full metal chassis with integrated temperature sensors and fans to protect the customer’s investment. Dual 10W speakers, an OPS slot for future expansion, and NFC capabilities round out the X841UHD-2.

The Planar UltraRes Series 4K LCD display line is designed for ultra-high resolution commercial applications. The next-generation models also retain many of the high-value features offered by the first-generation PlanarUltraRes Series, including Ultra HD image performance,theultra-slimPlanarProfile MountingSystem,efficientpowermanagement and optional multi-touch interactivity. Available in 98in., 86in., and a new 75in. diagonal, the latest generation of Planar UltraRes Series includes built-in Planar MediaPlex Plus Processing for enhanced versatility and control of multi-source viewing. It also offers support for native 4K resolution at up to 60Hz that can be driven via single-cable HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2.

New to Samsung’s SMART signage portfolio is the QM49F— Q M – F Series edge-lit 4K UHD LED display. The 3840×2160 UHD resolution delivers stunning 4K UHD life-like image quality. This display creates a high-impact way to communicate in retail spaces, hospitality, corporate boardrooms, health care environments, and more. The non-glare panel features 500-nit brightness to improve visibility of your message, while the picture-by-picture function allows you to display up to four content feeds at once, each supporting full HD 1080p resolution. It’s ideal for displaying multiple messages in retail advertising or for videoconferencing in corporate scenarios. The innovative Samsung cooling technologies allow your message to be displayed with highly reliable 24/7 continuous operation. This feature allows businesses to meet 24/7 operating requirements in venues ranging from retail stores and public spaces to command and control facilities. Due to the relative novelty of UHD in commercial display settings, few media players currently offer support for UHD streaming. To meet this demand, Samsung launched an optional UHD-capable SBB, which can attach to the back of the QMF Series. The simple installation of this SBB eliminates unnecessary wire clutter and also removes the need to create separate housing for the media player.

Sony’s new Canvas display system is a high-endvisualdisplaythatredefinesthe landscape for large-scale visual entertainment. The new technology, Crystal Light Emitting Diode Integrated Structure (CLEDIS), uses Sony’s ultrafineLEDsinauniquesurface mounting structure as its light source to deliver a visual experience not possible with even the highest-end conventional LED array. This scalable new type of canvas delivers an unmatched viewing experience, offering 99 percent black surface area, for high contrast, high resolution, and immersive visuals. This new type of canvas enables limitless flexibility and creativity in public spaces and high-end visual entertainment. It is far more advanced when compared to the technologies currently available for large-scale display, offering a leap forward in depth, contrast, color, resolution, and impact. Sony’s Canvas display technology is designed for a range of commercial applications and immersive experiences, from industrial product design and manufacturing, theme parks, museums, and high-traffic lobbies to corporate boardrooms and broadcast studios. It is ideal for any environment requiring intricately detailed video displays and realistic simulation on a large scale.

With Stewart Filmscreen’s Phantom HALR black screen technology, the sum is greater than its parts. In fact, four unique features put this new screen in a class of its own. Phantom is available is seamless sizes up to 40ft. by 90ft. to accommodate the largest, most demanding applications. It is highly versatile, designed for use with most of Stewart’sfixed-frameorElectriScreenmodels. Phantom is also available in Cinemaperf or Microperf X2 THX Ultra configurations for acoustic transparency, and it’s future-proof, thanks to Stewart’s proprietary 16K+ resolution capabilities. Delivering unrivaled results, Phantom HALR is UHD and HDR-ready, and will calibrate out to REC 2020 or REC 709 standards without obvious color aberrations or shift that skew the primary and secondary colors. Implementing vertically integrated and proprietary manufacturing processes, Stewart Filmscreen has a distinct marketplace advantage in that the company has complete control over every aspect of material production—fromchemicalcompositiontofinal product delivery.

The TLX24 from Thinklogical is a compact, high-performance, non-blocking 24-port uncompressed 4K KVM matrix switch. The newTLX24deliversa100percentuncompressed, 10Gbps signal path on either fiber-optic or Cat-X cabling supporting non-blocking switching of 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4, 30 bit per pixel video, with the lowest signal latency in the industry. This flexible 1RU matrix is available with fiber, Cat-X and hybrid connectivity, and may be configured as a unidirectional 24×24 or a bidirectional 12×12 switch for a wide range of professional AV applications.

Christopher Maione is a recognized leader and expert in the AV industry with more than 28 years of audiovisual expertise. His forward thinking and progressive approach to business led him to found and become the managing partner of one of the world’s leading AV consulting firms earning the company accolades as a leader in AV solutions and technologies. Maione now focuses his attention in two areas; representing the end-user on large-scale AV projects and helping companies grow their business within the AV market. He assists his clients on identify strategic ways of handling clients, products, services, and projects. Maione has a talent for forecasting trends and identifying emerging technologies that substantially impact the AV industry. Based on his own business model, he encourages colleagues to strive for excellence, and consistently challenges the AV industry to improve its practices, grow its services, and develop better products in an effort to set a higher standard and respond to the changing needs of clients. Well versed in all aspects of AV, IT, Integrated Technologies, AV Industry Standards, Green AV and best practices and protocols, Maione is an Adjunct InfoComm Faculty Member and an accredited CTS RU provider and serves on a variety of key industry standard committees. In doing so, he continues to set industry benchmarks for quality. For more info please contact

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