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Getting the signal from component to component and maintaining smooth power on everything are critical needs that manufacturers continue to provide innovative solutions for. As the power requirements for delicate electronics have evolved, the equipment to run it has gotten smarter and easier to use with remote monitoring and control. Even cabling has become more sophisticated with specialized types for specific jobs and environments. The products shown here demonstrate what is available to build a strong foundation for AV system hardware.

The Altinex TNP530 is a flush-mount solution for a customized cable termination point in podiums and conference tables. Handling HDMI and VGA (with cable retractors), audio, network, and other cables and connectors, the TNP530 also provides two UL-listed AC outlets. The pop-up box has a dampening feature to make its motion smooth and silent while its high-gloss black finish fits with any type of furniture. The audio, network, and USB connectors use snap-in panels for custom tailored connector arrangements. Smartphone and laptop users can connect to the dual charging USB ports for power and signal transmission. The TNP530 can be used in mounting surfaces up to 2.5in. thick and its black finish matches table and podium surfaces well.

Black Box Network Services has a selection of new Cat-5E, Cat-6, and Cat-6A cables for HDBaseT transmission that have been tested and verified through the HDBaseT Alliance and ETL verified for performance. There are 72 different cables available in shielded or unshielded types with PVC or plenum jackets and they can be purchased in nine different colors. HDBaseT technology gives users the ability to send uncompressed video, audio, Ethernet, control, and power signals (5Play) up to 100 meters over one Cat-X cable. In tests, Black Box HDBaseT cables took 5Play transmissions 50 percent further, up to 150 meters. The cables are designed for today’s demanding bandwidth intensive-applications, such as data networks, digital signage, control systems, CCTV, and more.

Chief Manufacturing PAC526FWP6

The PAC526FWP6 In-Wall Storage Box from Chief Manufacturing comes complete with a six receptacle filter and surge protection module and it is drywall and stud mountable. The paintable flange can be made to match any room environment and it is rated to UL2416. The line filter reduces common and differential mode noise by up to 40dB and it features non-volatile spike protection with an LED power indicator. The PAC526FWP6 safeguards equipment from high-energy transients, lightning strikes, and electronic noise events. With its integrated universal zip-tie anchor points, it can be mounted in any orientation in pre- and post-construction installation options.

Crestron C2NSPWS300

For keeping power organized in Crestron installations, the company has the C2N-SPWS300, a 300W regulated power supply to support a large network of Cresnet devices. Each of its eight outputs is rated to 75W and protected by a circuit breaker that can be monitored and reset from the control system. Also monitored remotely are the voltage on each outlet and the whole system’s fault status. The unit also sequences power-up either when it gets AC or when it sees 24VDC from the control system to begin carrying data and power to its 16 Cresnet ports. Among the installation options are the Crestron CAEN Automation Enclosure using the optional CAENMK (sold separately), or rack mounting using the optional C2N-RMAK.

DVIGear DVI-7520-PDU

DVIGear’s DVI-7520-PDU Power Distribution Unit is engineered from the ground up for 24/7 mission-critical applications. This unit offers an unprecedented level of reliability with an MTBF of greater than 220,000 hours. The DVI-7520-PDU provides +12VDC power on eight outputs, each rated for 24W with an overall power reserve of 200W. These features allow integrators to optimize power management through more efficient use of rack space, which makes this an ideal solution for a range of professional applications. The DVI-7520-PDU is housed in a rugged 1U half-rack mountable enclosure. It accepts AC line voltages auto-ranging from 88VAC to 264VAC and AC line frequencies from 47Hz to 63Hz. All outputs include extensive protection against overload, over-voltage, and over-temperature. It is compatible with other DVIGear products such as the DisplayNet DN-100 Series AV-over-10GbE transmitters and receivers or the DVI-7520/25 HDBaseT Extenders.


The SPC-15 AC power conditioner and sequencer from FSR is a single 15-amp capacity rack space unit with four rear-mounted AC outlets and one unswitched outlet on the front panel. Providing surge protection and RFI suppression, the SPC-15 has fault lights, and power and alarm indicators. The company also offers the DR-PCB digital ribbon cables for HDMI signal transmission over distances of up to 328ft. They are hybrid copper and polymer with Aramid cords that increase the maximum tensile load to 50lbs. Active circuitry embedded in the small connector shells provides active signal buffering and optical-to-electronic conversion. They are available in six lengths from 33ft. to 328ft. One of the newest problem-solvers from FSR is the IT-CHRG-P2U PoE to USB charger. Since it uses PoE, no AC power is needed for USB charging. The output is rated at 5VDC at 2A/10W and includes a power indicator light and a fault monitor.

Hall Research 4K Javelin Optical HDMI

Hall Research has a hybrid fiber/copper solution for HDMI signal transmission with the new 4K Javelin Active Plenum HDMI extension cables. Supporting all resolutions up to 4K to a distance of 330ft. without compression, the cable incorporates active circuitry in the connectors to convert video to optical and back. The active elements run on HDMI bus power using only 0.25W and need no other power source. If the HDMI power source is not available the company offers a 5V power inserter that can be connected between the source and the cable. Optical transmission provides higher protection against EMI/RFI interference and the 0.2in. bend radius aids installation. The cable supports 3D, deep color, and xvYCC color while the audio handles PCM, Dolby, True HD, and DTS-HD.

Juice Goose iP PD1-4

From Juice Goose, the new iP PD1-4 is the only web-based control product on the market that provides individual control and monitoring for four separate circuits. The unit contains four separate 20A circuits for a total of 80 amps. Using Ethernet based HTML, TCP, or UDP communications on the built-in web server, it can be accessed and controlled via Internet or intranet, and the iP-PD1-4 can be controlled and monitored through RS232 on an RJ11 port. Four individual circuits can be activated and monitored for electrical current. A three-position switch on the front of the chassis can be used to sequence on or off all switched outlets in the event of a data network failure. The Power Cycle feature can be used to automatically reboot a network data router if network communication is lost.

Kramer Electronics TBUS-203xl

Kramer Electronics CP-AOCHXL

Kramer Electronics has introduced the CPAOCH/XL Plenum Rated Active Fiber-Optic High-Speed HDMI Cable with detachable connectors in lengths from 33ft. to 328ft. The removable HDMI connectors allow the cable to be pulled through small conduits. Without additional power supplies or extenders, the cable supports resolutions up to 4K UHD for lines up to 328ft. Supporting data rates up to 10.2Gbpps, the cable has a bend radius of only 0.24in. and pull strength up to 50kg. Kramer also offers the TBUS−203xl, a pop-up connection panel that can mount on tables and podiums. Using five single inserts or two double and one single, the panel can be customized to handle any combination of equipment including an AC power outlet, and it lowers to a position flush with the table when not in use.

Legrand-Wiremold Evolution 10in Poke-Thru

Now with plenty of space and a redesigned cover in a die-cast aluminum housing, the Legrand-Wiremold Evolution 10in. Poke- Thru fits a wide variety of connections into a 10in. core hole and it has room for up to eight gangs of AV, communication, and power connection. The unit has enough internal wiring capacity to make external junction boxes unnecessary while keeping everything below the floor level. The egress doors lock into open position and then close around connected cabling to speed and simplify installation while presenting a choice of six finishes on the visible surface. It is fire rated for up to two-hour rated floors. All Evolution Series Poke-Thru devices meet and exceed UL scrub water exclusion requirements for tile, carpet, and wood covered floors.

Lowell ACSPRSEQ4-1509

The ACSPR-SEQ4-1509 from Lowell Manufacturing is a nine-outlet, 4-step power sequencer with an alarm interface and advanced surge suppression. In the single RU chassis, the front panel and two of the 15A rear panel outlets are unswitched while six of the outlets are switched. The unit’s delay between sequencing steps can be adjusted from 0.5 to 10 seconds. It has a front-mounted rocker switch for unit power and the ACSPR-SEQ4-1509K model replaces that with a key switch. The alarm interface has lock on, lock off, and switch lock for alarm system or master control panel applications. Rear panel alarm and remote switch connections are plug-in barrier strip terminal blocks. The front panel also has color coded LED status indicators, red for powering down, and green for powering up. The unit also features EMI/RFI filtering and three-stage surge protection.

Middle Atlantic Products RLNKSW815R- SP

The Middle Atlantic Products RLNKSW815R- SP is a star among the RackLink Series of power management devices with its eight individually controllable power outlets. It allows users to remotely control, view, and manage connected systems on the Web or through serial and IP connected control systems including remote reboot. Features include emergency power off, integrated sequencing, automatic email status notification, power monitoring and logging, and multiple remotely operated dry contact closures along with mobile applications available for iPhone and Android. The software user interface shows a wealth of information including the status of each AC outlet and contact closure. Readings provide input voltage (peak and RMS), current, power factor, kilowatt hours (resettable), and temperature.

Whirlwind Medusa Elite

Always the place for cable and connectors, Neutrik has the opticalCON Advanced line of fiber-optic cables with rugged connectors and a unique spherical dust shutter to keep out dust and dirt. The opticalCON MTP cable adds heavy-duty strain relief and the connector is color coded for easy identification at both ends. The company’s etherCON Cat-6A connectors use a hard metal shell to protect the Cat-6A compliant RJ45 plug inside and it is PoE+ compliant according to 802.3at Type2. These also provide the unique Neutrik chuck-type strain relief. Also available are the Neutrik lockable circular nanoCON, miniCON, and NeutriCON connectors with metal shells.

Opticis HDFC-100

HDMI transmission never had it as easy as the HDFC-100 active optical HDMI cable from Opticis with the capability of carrying 4K 60Hz (4:2:0), 4K 30Hz (4:4:4) up to 492ft. on optical/copper hybrid cable. Running on DDC 5V from the HDMI port and needing no external DC or USB power, the HDFC-100 supports CEC, EDID, HDCP, and ARC (Audio Return Channel). Each connector includes an LED indicator for TX/RX power. The new HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cable HDFC-200 launched in September and supports 4K 60Hz (4:4:4). The cable has a 5.2mm outer diameter and a 72mm bend radius, allowing it to run through tight places and enhance installation options.

Thinklogical PDU-12

The space-saving answer for a lot of 5V DC devices is the Thinklogical PDU-12 power distribution unit in its single rack space. With its two redundant, hot-swappable AC/ DC power supplies capable of load sharing, the PDU- 12 has DC locking power jacks with 0.1-in. diameter center pins and it can provide up to 4 amps for each output. The unit uses redundant AC/DC load-sharing power supplies for reliability and it has a front panel status indicator for these along with an LED for each of the outputs. Also shown on the front is a fan status LED for each of its dual power inputs. The rear panel includes a three-terminal dry contact alarm terminal connector. It represents a particularly handy power base for devices such as single extenders.


The PDUMH20HVATNET single phase ATS/auto transfer switch from Tripp Lite takes power from separate cables on primary and secondary AC sources. If the primary is interrupted, the secondary input automatically takes over within milliseconds to maintain power. Its outputs are individually controllable through the network interface. The onboard ATS processor evaluates power quality on both input sources to prevent transfer to the secondary source when it is unavailable or of lower quality than the primary source. Eight of its 10 outputs are switched while two are unswitched. The front panel numeric display shows power consumption in amps and when the unit is first energized the outputs switch on at 250 millisecond intervals.

Whirlwind Power Link Distro

Whirlwind has a Power Link PLD Distro for every situation and venue with a wide array of modules to customize the unit. Available input panels have an assortment of Cam- Lok connectors mounted in 3RU and 4RU panels. Combo units offer a mix of breakers and duplex AC outlets. The output panels can add multi-pin connectors and circuit indicators. The PL-PM1 module provides a complete read-out on the voltage and amperage levels. The company builds on its rugged Medusa Standard Series snake by adding two lines of certified Cat-6 bundled within 6, 12, 20, and 32 pair cable. The Data Snake is available with either Neutrik Cat-5e or Cat-6 connectors on the box and fan out. Cabling is fitted with heat shrink at critical points and the heavy-duty, powder-coated steel stagebox has an integrated handle.

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