Vaddio Robotrak Presenter Tracking

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Vaddio Robotrak Presenter Tracking

The new Vaddio RoboTRAK Presenter Tracking system delivers unmatched tracking performance and accuracy, ultimate ease of use, and flexibility. The infrared (IR) tracking camera pairs with any Vaddio Robo- SHOT camera to provide ultra-smooth pan and tilt motion for the most natural experience. The intelligent speaker lanyard is comfortable and convenient, with up to 40 hours of operation on a single battery charge. IP-based, RoboTRAK can be remotely configured and monitored from any web browser.


Vaddio RoboTRAK

The Vaddio RoboTRAK camera tracking system was designed to be an easy to install, easy to use version of the company’s marketleading AutoTRAK. Intended for venues of all sizes with variable lighting and acoustic conditions, the 4th generation system, works with any Vaddio more


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Vaddio ClearSHOT 10 USB.

Vaddio’s ClearSHOT 10 USB seeks new price/performance standards for PTZ cameras. This enterprise-class, high-definition PTZ conferencing camera claims exceptional image quality, color reproduction and the finest detail in its class. ClearSHOT 10 USB also supports remote more